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UK: Baroness Cox gives a rare and rational reflection on Syria’s Aleppo crisis

RT spoke with Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the UK Parliament’s House Of Lords, who has just returned from Damascus in Syria, where she met with President Assad – a move which has earned her a lot of criticism from her colleagues.

Baroness Cox is one of the rare few politicians in the UK that has a far more realistic and accurate grasp of Muslim problems, abuse, sex grooming and Islamism not only in her own country, but what exactly is going on in the Middle East as well. She is very smart woman. It’s interesting to observe that Baroness Cox has managed to gain the trust of Muslim women in the UK, and she is one of the few non-Muslim politicians who actually care and tries to implement policies to protect Muslim women from abuse, Sharia, the black rape cloak. She understands their cornered position.

Cox met with people from the Muslims community, the Christian community, the so called “moderate” rebels, civilians and others to assess their opinion. Syrian people support their president Assad. In fact, 83.7% of Syrians voted for their support for Assad even in the middle of the war. The people don’t want the endless interference by the West into their conflict, highly expanded and grown through the mindless EU, US and UK funding and enabling of terrorist “rebels” initiated by Saudi Arabia and their Sunni allies. If the West had not interfered over 100,000 Christians would probably not have died in Syria, hanging from meat hooks in human slaughterhouses. The Syrian people told Baroness Cox that President Assad tries to protect them from terrorism but is constantly interjected (by the delusional leftists holding power in our parts of the world). Baroness Cox accurately stresses the dangers of Western media propaganda on Syria, where a constant misconstruction of the government’s involvement in the conflict is portrayed as some form of internal government initiated terrorism which deserves external support for ISIS. This skewed reporting builds dangerous pro-terrorism support on a political level. It’s almost unfathomable lack of ability to assess a situation right, and it is once more the low-brow conclusions by extreme left-sing socialist liberals, the most destructive elements of society.

Yes, Donald Trump is a total jerk, a pig of a man. But that jerk may be one of the few that can help us untangle the idiocy and mayhem created by the liberal left.

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