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German mayor begs for help as rampaging Merkel Muslims take control of ski town

It took only 250 Muslim savages to ruin the entire town. Imagine what the 5 millions taken in already will do? Time to pick them up and deport them permanently. Shoot if they try to re-enter.



Street fighting, vandalism and sexual assault: Mayor of picturesque German ski town begs for help to tackle an ‘explosive refugee crime wave’

  • Police chief says refugees are now ‘in charge’ in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • Described fights and how Africans have taken over in Abrams complex
  • Led mayor Dr Sigrid Meierhofer to beg Bavaria to intervene in the town
  • She says ‘public order and security’ are in jeopardy without prompt action 

The German mayor has begged for intervention over the ‘explosive situation’ caused by a refugee crimewave in the picturesque ski town.

Police say refugees brawl in the streets and vandalise public property in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and residents allege they are responsible for serious sexual assaults.

Dr Sigrid Meierhofer has now written about the ‘massive problems’ in a letter begging for help from Bavarian politician Maria Els, which was leaked to the press.

Dr Sigrid Meierhofer (pictured) has written about the 'massive problems' caused by refugees in a letter begging for help from Bavarian politician Maria Els, which was leaked to the press


This is what is being ruined by the African-Islamic occupation. What fool would plant the beasts in this environment?

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22 thoughts on “German mayor begs for help as rampaging Merkel Muslims take control of ski town

  1. The only way to rid this beautiful town of these maggots is to arm the honest Germany people and allow them to shot on site these scumbags, they are just no damn good, ever.


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  3. Black islamic Africans are the worst of the worst. Second are islamic morrocons from the reef mountains, for the rest it’s islamic arabs that behave like the savages they are. I won’t say “behave like animals” since animals do not torture, kill and mutilate for pleasure.
    Call me a racist, I DON’T CARE!
    Statistics just don’t lie.


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  5. Those are bullshits … made by racist people. I am not a muslim, I am a Christian, and you people make me feel ashamed of this … Who is the journalist who write this article down ? I have friends living in that german city and there is no bad situation, there is no sexual crimes, so if you are against the fact that we people from europe are taking refugees this proves once again how double standard american people are. Full of bullshit.
    I feel sorry for you. You have no ideea about the principle of life, the same way that you have no idea about humanity. But no problem because even the earth is spinning, so the time will come when U.S. won’t be the world power, and at that time we will se who will help you people. Because all your life you have just been pushing other nations down. Like black peoples, muslims, jews, etc…
    God is there, And God is making time for winnning and time for loosing for every single one of us.


    • You are obviously living on another planet. Further more if you know your scriptures so well how is it you are not aware Mohammed is the false prophet referred to in Isaiah, The New Testament, the Book of Revelations. Do you not know the story of your Christian Jesus being tempted by Satan at the top of the mountain? Read it think about it and apply this to the Korahn which is where Mohammed got his ideas from. Have you even read the Korahn? Be grateful you are not the parent of a child or young woman who has been raped by these brutal third world savages, Most of them are pretty wealthy that come to Europe they are here Lorena to wage Jihad and convert the rest of the world to ISLAM. As Satan said, ‘I will give you all this if only you will bow down and worship me’. The main criteria of Islam is to convert by the sword go and read your history. Dumb young women like you really irritate, had you been in my history class you would have been kept behind after school to write a 100 lines over and over – I would choose a suitable piece from your Christian Bible to write and write.


    • The blacks are pushing us down!
      Here in Holland 3% of somalian blacks work. The rest lies on the couch chewing qat on welfare that I pay for with my taxes.
      So in essence they enslaved me.

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  6. It saddens me to here this. In total I spent almost 8 year in Germany and the area that is being talked about is outstanding to see. The small towns and villages are as beautiful as shown and it was safe to walk anywhere at night without fearing anything. My wife and I are planning a trip back to Germany in the near future and I hope we can go back and visit these small towns.


  7. Daily I become more and more incensed at the ludicrous policies of multiculturalism enforced on us all as a national punishment for the guilt left wing leaders all over Europe harbor! WWII should have been a lesson to all politicians not a lesson in guilt. Islam is the last thing needed in Europe – no one seems to refer to historical facts or even passages in the Bible old & new testament. The Torah foresaw the coming of this evil religion and as far back as the Indus Valley civilization’s Vedic Scriptures Islam is referred to & known as Kail-yuga, the ‘age of destruction.’ For simple minded folks Kali’s idol is a dark woman dancing on the dead remains of her spouse, around her neck are dead human skulls, she issues fire and brimstone, she represents death & destruction, Ask yourselves WHO is destroying our equilibrium which has taken 100’s of years for Europe & civilized nations to achieve? Islam is a Hydra with a thousand heads – Hitler & communism died out neither destroyed the world completely. ISLAM is the monster of Kali her offspring if you like., The beast, the false prophet, Satan if you want. What ever way you analyze Islam it is a manifestation of pure evil. Brothels in paradise and hell for women this just about sums up Islam. The driving engine of the beast is the wealth and power of OIL – Black gold, pitch, ignite enough of it and you have total destruction this funds this evil ideology Islam allowing it wield inexorable power in this modern age..


    • Americans have been brainwashed to believe that we are RACISTS if we don’t accept the CULTURE of Islam. You are OBVIOUSLY an intelligent arbiter of your OWN POSITION, but just today, I spoke to a friend planning on a Parisian vacation. I SHOWED her pictures of VAGRANTS with mattresses lining the once beautiful streets of Paris. She said, “I can see the Eiffel Tower, therefore these are PROBABLY doctored to depict problems that CANNOT POSSIBLY exist!”. We MUST keep CLINTON away from our WHITE HOUSE or we will be commiserating EVER MORE DEEPLY with your plight! Thank you for your inciteful description. It DOES NOT fall on DEAF EARS HERE!


    • E X A C T L Y
      The so called “minorities dominate 99,99% of the news.
      Instead of us following our destiny by educating ourselves in history and explore the unknown in physics, chemistry and space we run around discussing over headscarfs brought by a satan tribe that wishes to live in the stone age.
      And our “governments” look the other way and are so happy with the moron new voters they import.
      They will let the bastards spill chaos, destroy our culture and infrastructure and then…
      Then they will offer the solution by an European Army and have us volunterely give away all our rights and freedom.
      That is the plan.
      It’s not naive politicians
      It’s planning politicians


    • There are factual errors related to Hindu mythology. Kali in Kaliyuga and Goddess Kaali are pronounced differently and are not related in anyway. The image of the goddess may look terrifying, but it is not on her spouse’s body that she dances: it is on the symbolic body of a demon that represents evil qualities; Kaali is the destructive form of our Mother Goddess Parvati, who only assumes that avatar when needed. She has other benevolent forms like Lakshmi(wealth) and Saraswati(wisdom), Parvati( power) and is equally revered in all forms.


  8. The EU won’t be satisfied till all our tourism idustry is dead and we have to go shopping for groceries dodging sniper fire.
    If I were the Mayor of any town with Islamics causing trouble I would issue an emergency bulletin authorizing moslims to be shot on sight. They have plenty countries of their own where they can be as rancid sick and vile as their revolting beliefs require, and should learn to stay there. We don’t want these rancid vile savages here.


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