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Calais: Lily Allen weeps over Taliban groomed Afghan suicide bomber

These liberals are so crazy they need a permanent psychiatrist attached to them 24/7.

Lily Allen argues that this Muslim is a “poor victim”. In reality he is groomed to be a suicide bomber. His mother would not express ‘worries’ that he would be groomed into terrorism if he was not already linked to it. They bring them here so they can groom others. He shares the ideals of the same terror groups that rape women for exposing the slightest skin, that dig a hole in the ground and place people in the hole to stone them to death, that burn gays alive or drop them from highest building in town, that sexually abuse children as small as infants, that kill innocent people for no other reason than not bending to Allah. This is the rubbish Lily Allen weeps over. She is ‘ashamed’ over Britain’s fight against the Islamic barbarity.

The Afghan migrant (= financial parasite entering by means of fraud) shares Lily’s view that an apology was required for the UK’s role in Afghanistan. He said: ‘This is her opinion. I am just an illiterate guy. I do not know who is the cause. Just that the Americans and Europeans supported the Northern Alliance against the Pashtun people.’

In other words, he knows precisely what his views are and he is now trying to enter the land of those who he finds responsible for his Islamic misery. It’s very dangerous to bring in people like this. Hezb-e Islami, which the father was a commander of, is a terrorist group that boil children alive in ceremonies to recruit parent’s to their cause, testing their dedication. The US military came across many such grotesque incidents in Afghanistan apart from the daily ritual of widening the anus of every poor animal that an Afghan can get his hands on.




Revealed: The father of the Jungle boy who made Lily Allen cry is an ex-Islamist fighter who sneaked into Britain in a lorry, claimed asylum from the ‘terror’ of Afghanistan – and then went back there on holiday 

  • Father of boy who moved Lily Allen to tears was fighter for Afghan warlord
  • Hazrat Gul Sherin was an officer in the private army of a brutal local leader
  • He fled fearing for his life from from US and UK-backed Northern Alliance
  • Sherin entered the UK on the back of a lorry and was allowed to remain 

The father of the migrant boy controversially championed by Lily Allen sneaked into Britain in the back of a lorry to claim asylum – then returned to the country he fled in terror for a three-month holiday after being given the right to stay here.

Hazrat Gul Sherin, whose son Shamsher appeared with the tearful pop star last week as she ‘apologised’ on behalf of Britain for bombing his country and putting him ‘in the hands of the Taliban’, came to the UK illegally in 2005, having fled war-torn Afghanistan.

His decision to flee the country was prompted not by the Taliban but because as a leading supporter of a brutal Islamist warlord – and an officer in his private army – he was afraid of the US and UK-backed Northern Alliance.

After seven years, Sherin was given indefinite leave to remain in the UK, then promptly returned to Afghanistan to visit his family. [Not so dangerous after all!]

Hazrat Gul Sherin, father of the Afghani boy who moved pop star Lily Allen to tears, was loyal to a brutal warlord and fled to the UK to claim asylum - on the back of a lorry

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the 49-year-old was a commander in the Islamist group Hezb-e Islami, led by the Butcher of Kabul, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

In the early 1990s, Hekmatyar’s group of fundamentalist Sunni Muslim Pashtuns clashed violently with other mujahideen factions in the struggle for control of the capital, Kabul.

Hezb-e Islami was blamed for much of the terrible death and destruction of that period and was accused of appalling human rights abuses, including the assassination of intellectuals and throwing acid in women’s faces.

The civil war led to Hekmatyar’s fall from grace and he quickly became one of the most reviled men in the country. And in 1996, when Hekmatyar went into exile, Sherin also began to lead a quieter life.

But his allegiance to the Butcher of Kabul was remembered years later when the Northern Alliance swept to power. It is for this reason that he said he left his wife and four young children in Afghanistan. Sherin now lives in Birmingham and is hoping that 13-year-old Shamsher will be able to join him from Calais soon.

Miss Allen, 31, took a break from recording her new album to volunteer in a charity warehouse at the squalid Jungle camp, where 10,000 migrants live while trying to find ways to sneak into Britain. She told Shamsher: ‘We’ve bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban and now put you in danger of risking your life to get into our country. I apologise on behalf of my country. I’m sorry for what we have put you through.’

Yet the boy’s father, from Jalalabad, revealed the startling truth behind his journey to the UK in an interview with The Mail on Sunday. To reach Britain, he hiked across eight countries before being stowed away by traffickers in a fruit lorry.

He spent seven years living on benefits in Birmingham before his claim for asylum was accepted in September 2012. He then went back to Afghanistan, flying in via Pakistan, for the first of two three-month visits to the very country that had put him in fear of his life.

Picture of Shamsher Sherin, who Lily allen apologised to on behalf of the whole UK, taken in Afghanistan ten years ago with his father Hazrat Gul Sherin and his sister

9 thoughts on “Calais: Lily Allen weeps over Taliban groomed Afghan suicide bomber

  1. The boy doesnt look 13. And if you read the text carefully, I dont think the dates add up. the father fought until 1996 and then lived in peace until the Northern Alliance come into power – wishy/washy on dates then, and suddenly he appears in the UK 2005.

    What happened those 9 years ? Of course by fudging them, he is able to suggest that he left Afghanistan in 2005 when his son was a couple of years old. But if this was the case, why would he need asylum after living 9 years in peace ?

    Wasnt the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan over by 2005 ? Someone with greater local knowledge might be able to shed more light on the dates.


    • His story is irrevelant. Most of these gimmegrants are economic refugees. They are not in England because it has more rights, like the guy says. They are there because England gives the biggest benefits.
      The father seems to have fought American/European forces. Another thing he is lying about is the mosque bomb. It wasn’t intended just for him.


  2. Words……

    I thought I would leave you with a few words from a speech given long ago, and while you listen to Kennedy consider the state of our press and media today, consider the actions of men, patriots like Snowden and Assange…….

    Pour a cup of coffee, a glass of brandy, light a candle, turn out the lights and sit quietly in a darkened room, looking out a window if you can, and listen and think, reflect on the events that are unfolding around the world…..

    Then if you have the time look up the speech these words in the video below are extracted from.

    ………”The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961″……….

    Then, if opportunity allows, look up and read Theodore Roosevelt’s speech given at the Sorbonne, Paris, France on April 23, 1910. It was called “Citizenship in a Republic”. From this speech came the famous paragraphs relative to “The Man in the Arena”

    As these days pass by us, never at anytime in history are Kennedy’s words to be heard as a strangled cry from our countries, a plea from our civilized societies, unashamed begging from our republics, as, on their knees, the daggers of barbarians, savages and the treacherous at their throats, they look to us, they look to their citizens, to their patriots, to whom they gave so very much, as their last and only hope…….”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for her”…..

    Let us not turn up our collars and walk away, let us meet our enemies with grit teeth and clenched fists, let us honour the gifts given us by our forefathers, let us not betray 1776, 1683, 1861, 1941, 1944 or any of those other moments in history when freedom hung in the balance, let us, as the poet said, hold the torch high, let us hold it high in honour of those failing hands.

    Franklin Ordinary
    Alabama, USA


  3. Not right by Lili Allen, what is going on. This shows,OK the dad says he works here now, but its a ready made fighting force in the UK with people like him. Also if Calais pushes those in the camps here as punishment for Brexit some civil war soon on our doorstep


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