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Swedish Court legalises ownership and display of the ISIS terrorism flag

No crime: Swedish Court legalises flying the ISIS flag

No crime: Swedish Court legalises flying the ISIS flag

from Speisa
(original report from Hallandsposten, Jonatan Gernes, 13 October 2016)

Sweden is turning more and more moron each day at the moment. A number of strange decisions have come out of Swedish courts lately, having people shake their head. Now, despite the rest of Europe banning everything associated with ISIS, the country stands out again. It goes the exact opposite way.

The prosecution has dismissed a case of a Muslim man flying the notorious ISIS flag in Sweden – and thus legalising it. The case is the first of its kind in Sweden and sets precedence, reports Hallandsposten.

A 23-year-old from Laholm who has shown sympathy for the terrorist group IS avoids prosecution. To hoist the flag of the Islamic State is not hate speech, states the prosecutor.

The man posed with an ISIS flag on his profile picture on his open Facebook page.

When the picture became known to the police in March, they began an investigation to charge him for incitement to racial hatred.

The completed investigation was handed over to the prosecutor some time ago.

– I have taken the decision not to prosecute, after careful consideration back and forth, says prosecutor Gisela Sjövall.

The question of the ISIS flag, whether it’s a hate symbol in the same way as for example the Nazi swastika, has never been tried in Swedish courts before.

The short answer, according to Gisela Sjövall’s assessment, is no.

– You could say that merely waving the flag of the Islamic State in the current situation can not be considered hate speech. It is not an expression of disrespect towards any specific ethnic group.

Incitement to racial hatred became an offense in Sweden to protect minority groups. It is defined as the public dissemination of statements that threaten or disparage a group of persons with allusion to race, color, national or ethnic origin, religious belief or sexual orientation.

– IS expresses some kind of hate, but it’s against everyone except those who belong to IS itself. There is the dilemma, the group is too large, says Gisela Sjövall.

There are no previous cases in Sweden to lean on regarding the black banner with the white IS-symbol. The prosecutor has found that the most similar case was about someone spreading texts from the Quran along with an IS flag. That case was also dismissed.

– There it was told that there could possibly be any form of incitement that urges others to commit criminal acts, such as committing murder, but it is not at all the case in this case, says Gisela Sjövall.

When it comes to, for example, the swastika, it has been established that the symbol is in itself an expression of hate of Jews. It is not impossible that the IS-logo could eventually get the same status, says Gisela Sjövall.

– So far we have not come. It might change in ten years, she says.

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8 thoughts on “Swedish Court legalises ownership and display of the ISIS terrorism flag

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  3. Sweden has been taken over by islamic paedophile terrorists; next week we will see the broken swedes marching to an immigration centre claiming asylum as they are being forced to flee.


  4. It might change in ten years, she says.

    If they have anything left to save in ten years. By then, the Muslims may be rendering them down for soap and hides.

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