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UK: Muslim gang attack and stab autistic boy after he turned down drugs

Everything is about violence and intimidation to Muslims. That’s how they expand their territories. This is a grass root level example how their dominion gradually expands. In huge countries like India, for example, that has struggled with a Muslim problem for more than 1,000 years, Muslims will intimidate and terrorise the locals until they give up and leave. This is how they get a stronghold of an area and how they  gained Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh (in the past) and now continue to pursue Jammu and Kashmir. When Kashmir was created in 1846 as an independent state it was administered by India after centuries of illegal Muslim occupation.

In Kashmir Muslims have poured in from Pakistan and Afghanistan for over one century, and have now managed to occupy the entire state into a 68% Muslim population (in 2011) which grew into a massive 89% by around 2014 according to BBC’s take on Indian government statistics. Muslims gained the upper hand by basically attacking, raping and killing the natives out of the region. And now with a 89+% population, Kashmir is suddenly “theirs” and their fight for it is their fight for “freedom” to gain “independence” of “their” land. No such thing. The Muslims are 100% occupiers of Kashmir. India should remove them all from the region and push them into the other already occupied independent regions of either Pakistan or Afghanistan, lest the occupation will only creep closer and closer into more regions of the country.

The same trick is being used all across Europe. They create their own areas by flash mobs of Muslim ‘families’ moving in. The intimidation gradually starts against the natives and more and more mosques expand into the area. The more mosques an area gets, the more Muslims move in and the more they begin to discriminate against and intimidate the locals. Filling the areas with crime syndicates and threats and violence soon the locals leave. Once that happens control is completely lost over that area, and they expand it further by bringing in illegal Muslims from around the globe. The criminality and terrorism expands to entire headquarters managed from these muslim zones within the country. The region then becomes an Islamic zone. The more the population increases in the area, the more they expand and expand until they expand to twice the area. And this goes on for decades upon decades until it grows into another Kashmir or Palestine situation.



Autistic teenager stabbed in the back for turning down drugs

Brookfield Road, where the attack happened Credit: Google Street View

ITV, 15 October 2016

Police are appealing for witnesses after a 16-year-old boy was attacked on his way home in Oldbury last week.

The teenager, who has autism, was walking down Brookfields Road on Wednesday 5 October at 00.30am when he was approached by a group of men in a black Vauxhall Corsa.

It’s believed the car was a 2005/2006 model with tinted windows.

The group asked him if he wanted drugs and when he said no, the men, all described as of Asian appearance, got out of the car.

He attempted to run off but ended up falling over a short distance away. He was assaulted, punched and kicked several times before being stabbed twice in the back.

Police have said they will be increasing patrols in the area as a result of the attack.

This is a shocking and unprovoked assault on a vulnerable boy and we are providing support to him and his family.

One of the stab wounds was to the lower centre of his back which if deeper could have severed his spine resulting in devastating consequences.

I’m looking for anyone who witnessed this incident, recognises the vehicle or has any information to contact police at the earliest possible opportunity.

– Detective Constable Cal Sanders, West Midlands Police
Last updated Sat 15 Oct 2016

2 thoughts on “UK: Muslim gang attack and stab autistic boy after he turned down drugs

  1. We have to start deporting large numbers of muslims if we are to ever get back to a normal, safe and decent life. Vote for anyone that promises to throw them out.


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