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France: Imported Muslim migrants turn Parisian streets into a filthy cesspool

Europe’s foremost tourist destination has been completely ruined by the socialist Eurocrats in Brussels. Imagine the enormous losses in revenues…

For the past two years Parisian hotels have halved their occupancy. And tourists are not returning either. All thanks to Muslims. Before the biggest Islamic tidal wave in 2014 visitors to Paris spent 17 billion dollars (13.58 billion Euros), the third highest sum globally after London and New York. Not anymore. According to the UK’s Telegraph the Muslim terror attack on Paris cost them an estimated £660 million ($804 million). Analysts told Reuters that the effect on Europe’s €500billion (£330bn) tourism industry could be anything between €800million and €1billion in losses. Hotel revenues in Paris are down to 40 per cent from 2014’s levels, while restaurant income fell a similar margin. Flight bookings to Paris fell by 27 per cent in the week following the attacks, costing Air France KLM €50million (£33m). Traveller data analysts ForwardKeys reported that bookings for Nice decreased by 57 per cent following the attack there while reservations for France as a whole were down another 20 per cent. The European Parliament don’t seem to mind to play Russian roulette with France’s €35.8bn tourism industry which made up 7% of the country’s GDP and contributed to 1.1 million jobs in 2014. Tourism is down so much that updated figures from 2015 are incomplete and kept from publication to dampen the reality. The losses from their Muslim presence is already visible to the French economy, comparing to 2012 figures where tourism represented 9.7% of GDP and created 2.9 million jobs (during the recession). The French have a massive public debt/budget deficit of 89.9% of their GDP. We already know from other examples that Muslims are the biggest usurpers of economic handouts of any other group in society and drain the social system into oblivion. Muslims add more and more financial burdens on France each year while expenditures for national security, policing, military, court proceedings is increase consistently. There’s not enough cheese in all of France to make up for the economic loss that Muslims alone, and nothing else, has created for them.

Did the Parisian business owners and hoteliers send a bill to the French government for the losses? They should. They need to sue the EU and their own government. If they sit and do nothing, more Muslims will be pushed onto them year on end.

Brussels is no different. Immediately after the Brussels bombings, hotel occupancy in Belgium plunged to 25 percent, down from 82 percent the night before. Muslims are destroying the economy of Europe.

Time magazine reported that at least one estimate put the economic impact of 9/11 at $3.3 trillion. Again, caused by Muslims. Did anyone send the bill to Saudi Barbaria, Qatar and the likes?



‘Scenes from the apocalypse’: Filmmaker’s shocking footage shows once-romantic Paris covered in filth and rubbish as African migrants are forced to live in the streets

  • Footage reveals trail of devastation left behind by migrants in Paris centre
  • Video captured by an anonymous Frenchman wearing a hidden camera
  • African men are shown forced to live and sleep on flat pieces of cardboard 

A filmmaker has captured footage revealing trail of devastation left behind by migrants forced to leave on the street in the middle of Paris.

An anonymous Frenchman wearing a hidden camera recorded the aftermath of a raid on a migrant camp on Avenue de Flandre in the north of the French capital.

After the migrants had been forced on to buses by police officers in full riot gear, all that was left was sidewalks blocked with trash, junk and mattresses.

The video also captures the scene before the hundreds of young Africans, mainly Sudanese and Eritreans, were confronted by riot shields and tear gas.

The men are shown forced to live and sleep on flat pieces of cardboard, with all their worldly belongings stuffed into plastic bags.

A filmmaker has captured footage revealing trail of devastation left behind by migrants forced to leave on the street in the middle of Paris

12 thoughts on “France: Imported Muslim migrants turn Parisian streets into a filthy cesspool

  1. They live 1000 years back in time. They are not compatible with European culture and will never integrate. We may cure the cancer before we civilize those savages.


  2. In 1976 my father visited a national park icon…he did the walk through the park from bottom to top. On the way he met a teenage girl doing the same walk. So they walked together. When they reached the iconic beautiful lagoon at the 60% mark. they were both surrounded by scores of muslim women (all dressed as per usual) screaming at them and hitting the girl’s bare legs, arms and pulling her hair( she was wearing short shorts, sleeveless T shirt and a pony tail). He pulled her out of the crowd and moved back to the track where they met a NP ranger who said:” They have taken over this picnic spot and have done so for years . No non Muslim goes near them. he also advised them not to swim in the lagoon as it was full of muslim urine and faeces and the both saw men just urinating into it while the women squatted in the lagoon.Note the date: 1976 FORTY YEARS ago…these were Lebanese and Turkish muslims and they had then exactly the same attitude towards us as they have now. The sewers run red with sheep blood after Ramadan and no one does anything as it might upset them. They now have taken over almost every decent weekend picnic spot in my city and woe betide you if you try to gain a foothold.
    They have the ethics of crocodiles and the sanitary habits of dogs and are lower than any other living creature and I incluse blue green algae.
    KlLs and forced repatriation or starvation and bugger their “human” rights (they are NOT human)


  3. To consume the edible trash, including the MENAs slumbering upon stolen chaise lounge cushions under the shade trees, I recommend the release of feral hogs. Big tusked boars that can bite off the sleepers’ faces in one gulp.


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