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Former Hungarian Intel Chief László Földi speaks of ‘coming Muslim war’

László Földi, security and intelligence expert, the ex-Director of Operations in the Hungarian Intelligence Agency, is interviewed MA Reggel MTVA on his intel input about a Muslim Army ready to attack Europe. The leftist Eurocrats must be well aware of this since they are building a European army of their own (which they officially denied during Brexit debates) yet they continue flooding Europe with Muslims.

Although Hungaria closed off their borders for Muslim migrants, they still had to absorb over 200,000 of them. That’s 200,000 too many.

8 thoughts on “Former Hungarian Intel Chief László Földi speaks of ‘coming Muslim war’

  1. I was attacked by my Somalian neighbours ; they smashed my head against the metal railing in front of my children.I gave an interview to the above mentioned television (MTA).
    If you want to have the link I am happy for it to be published on this site.Please contact me.


    • Only if we let them.

      In fact, only if we let them in.

      Immigration should be the lynchpin of the 2016 election. Nothing else is remotely close in importance, including the manufactured lewd talk and groping “scandals”.

      If profanity were the barrier posited, General Patton should have spent WWII collecting Unemployment Compensation. And has no one every heard woman discussing sex? And note the timing; days after the Anderson Cooper interrogation presented in lieu of the debate questions. Morally, Cooper’s a straw for Hillary. Blatantly partisan, he should have recused himself from being “moderator”, but that would have required moral character. And like most “progressives” he is much better informed, and simply better than the benighted masses, and that gives him special license to, among other things, smear anyone or anything, as he pleases.

      Hillary’s Open Border predilection, amply documentable if only emails and guarded commitments rendered in private with wealthy contributors were available, renders her unfit to hold any political office.

      Her plan to open the Americas up to the anarchy swallowing Europe, will, I certainly hope, be fatal to her Presidential aspiration.


  2. An extremely informative interview, and I foresee such a scenario. Merkel has been a disaster for Europe allowing her maternal sentiments get in the way of clear objective politics. Even to me it has been clear Islam has wanted to move out of the deserts and populate Europe, US and Russia and probably China and Japan. Wahhabism has been exported across the world and it seems no single political entity has seen this coming. The Arabs won’t go broke thus they can afford to finance anything.


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