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UK: Young Muslims who quit the faith ‘live in fear of violent revenge’

Young Muslims who quit the faith ‘live in fear of violent revenge’: Support group says some have been warned they will be killed if they abandon their religion  

  • A support group said young Muslims who abandon their faith face abuse
  • The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain said some are frightened to speak out
  • One former Muslim was warned by her mother that she would be killed  


Council of Ex-Muslims leader Maryam Namazie said 'there is nothing more intolerant than religion' 

Young Muslims who abandon their faith face violent retaliation and abuse from their families, a support group said yesterday.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain said those born into the religion are often frightened of speaking out – and those that do are in danger of attack.

It said one former Muslim said she was warned by her mother that she would be killed if she said she no longer believed in Allah.

The concern over the risk of reprisals against apostates – those who renounce their religion – was made public at a time of deepening scrutiny of the behaviour of some Islamic communities and institutions.

The risks to Muslims who abandon their religion were set out by former believers and campaigners in an ITV documentary to be broadcast on October 13.

Council of Ex-Muslims leader Maryam Namazie told the makers of the film, Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers: ‘They see us trouble-makers, deviants, apostates and blasphemers. There is nothing, nothing, more intolerant than religion.’

One former Muslim, who identified herself only as Sadia, told the documentary makers: ‘I remember saying to my mum, I don’t believe in God any more. And her saying, ‘you can’t tell anybody else because they’ll kill you, we are obliged to kill ex-Muslims’.

‘And that it would put me at extreme risk if anybody else was to find out, so that conversation ended there.’

Young Muslims who renounce their faith are said by campaigners to risk discrimination, ostracism, psychological abuse and violence. Some are said to have suffered abuse by family members and to be in danger of suicide or self-harm.

Apostasy is frowned on in most Muslim countries and can be punished in some with the death sentence. The documentary makers allege that critics of Islam have been murdered in Bangladesh and that atheists in the country are under threat both from the government and from Islamist gangs. The Council of Ex-Muslims said that in Britain radical Islamist protesters try to shut down meetings or events.

The inquiry was launched by Theresa May (pictured) when she was at the Home Office

The inquiry was launched by Theresa May (pictured) when she was at the Home Office.

Miss Namazie, an Iranian-born secularist activist, said: ‘The internet and social media are doing to Islam what the printing press did in the past to Christianity, because it is one way in which masses of people can connect with each other and can hear ideas that are taboo and forbidden.’

A series of issues relating to some Islamic communities and institutions have come into the public domain in recent times.

One revolves around so-called honour killings, in which Muslim women have been murdered by their own families after marrying non-Muslims or others disapproved of by relatives.

The decision of an Islamic school to launch a court challenge against a critical inspectors’ report – and the ruling of a judge that banned the school from being named – has led to a spotlight on the links between some schools and extremists.

A Government inquiry is under way into sharia councils, courts attached to mosques that adjudicate family disputes according to Islamic law among those who accept their authority. The inquiry was launched by Theresa May when she was at the Home Office. She said at the time that ‘a number of women have reportedly been victims of what appear to be discriminatory decisions’.

12 thoughts on “UK: Young Muslims who quit the faith ‘live in fear of violent revenge’

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  2. Only one way to overcome Islam. To understand it is an Ideology spiritually empowered and that a superior Spiritual power can overcome Islam – but in the UK belief in the God of the Bible is ridiculed. Until the population is desperate enough to return to the God of their forefathers and discover the power and authority which comes from a friendship with the Jesus of the Bible (not of the Koran) we will increasingly watch our country descend into servitude under the God, Allah, of Islam as our tyrant leader.
    The choice is ours, individually and collectively.

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    • I have to say Robin if the answer to Islam was only returning to our own faiths would work this would indeed be wonderful!. This I am afraid is not the answer, Islam has to be outlawed world wide. The US needs to get it’s nose out of the middle east and this includes Iran and quit whining about humanitarian injustices. The fact is no Islamic rebel or otherwise gives a damn for the life of children or innocents. 6,300 immigrants crossed over to Italy yesterday all those that were drowned were a) pregnant women, b) minors, and single women. Go figure! Russia & China deal with Islam harshly do you not follow their news? You can get Russian news in English & Chinese News in English on the goggle box – I watch both plus Euro ALJ & US – plus I follow at 8 alternatives new’s outlets. You’d be amazed to discover who is lying!

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    • Insisting that people rescue Western Civilization by rooting for your favorite goblin is crass hypocrisy and shameless opportunism.

      I’m fed up with you deceitful, mendacious fruitcakes.

      What is the remedy then? Simple expulsion, complete and permanent, based upon their loyalty to their despicable “faith”, proven toxic by indisputable centuries of supremacist criminality.

      Only primates that live in troops have a head monkey.

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      • Like I said thought offender Henry VIII would decapitate the lot including the Lord Mayor of London. Bit savage huh, well no better than the way the muslim savages treat everyone else. And yup they are definitely from the ‘Planet of the Apes’. Real Apes have got more brains than this mob of idiots traipsing after an insane prophet war monger.

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  3. Islam has no place in Britain, the threats from Islam on those who denounce Islam prove 100% there is no freedom of thought, speech or action. This goes against British justice, freedom and faith to believe or disbelieve. Henry VIII will be turning in his grave were he here today the lot would be beheaded for sure.

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    • Henry VIII was no saint and he only had influence in England and Wales. In Scotland there were many who suffered bringing the Reformation from Geneva and not from Germany.
      History of all of the UK is a must to know. The history of England is only a small part of it. England persecuted the Scottish people to try to stop them from following what they embraced from Calvin through John Knox and many others. This continued after the Union of the Crowns for church and state were/are separate in Scotland and the kings of Great Britain saw a way to increase their power – power they couldn’t get in Scotland. Many died after signing the National Covenant, for they wanted to continue in the freedom of worshipping YHWH as their conscience dictated.


  4. The article describes what is part of the Islamic political-religious system, designed to subjugate the entire world under Islam. It is perhaps the most dangerous movement the world has ever known, having a horrible murderous philosophy as a basis for it’s very existence. Muslims absolutely will NOT assimilate into Western society. They need to be removed from Western society and forcefully contained in their own native lands.

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