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Sweden implements new law that protects the identity of Muslim criminals

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New law will protect future Ikea killer

Published October 3, 2016 at 09:53
By Mattias Albinsson ✉

A new law that came into effect on October 1 will protect the identity of suspected criminals.

The law, which restricts the Swedish principle of public access [freedom of information], voted by all the parliamentary parties in May this year and obliges courts to conceal the identity of suspects until they are detained.

Previously, the transparency of the Swedish courts [huh?] led to media outlets, but also individuals, to quickly be able to find out who the suspect was in media attentive criminal cases.

FriaTider, for example, was the first in Sweden to reveal that one of the two men last summer who was suspected of double murder at Ikea in Västerås was an Eritrean asylum seeker.

The revelation forced the police and other media outlets, such as Aftonbladet, to publish the suspects’ ethnicity. A long series of similar revelations that FriaTider published last year shows how some of the gravest crimes in Sweden, from gang rape to murder, was committed by newly arrived migrants.

During spring, however, the red-green [leftist socialist] government decided to close the possibility of obtaining such information from the courts before anyone is detained. All parties in the parliament voted on May 18 with an overwhelming yes to the new law. No member of the parliament opposed that the principle of public access [freedom of information] is restricted.

The new law makes it difficult for media to examine the effects of the red-green government’s criminal policy. Perhaps not the least social impact of the large immigration to Sweden, but also cases where the Swedes are perpetrators. One such case is the dynamite confiscation outside Falkenberg last summer that an SD politician was involved in.

Since October 1 was a Saturday today, Monday, is the first day that the new law is applied in practice.



A small recap:

[Below] The Muslim IKEA decapitation of a native Swedish woman in 2015, which Swedish authorities hid the details of from the public. The drawing depicts a witness statement from a shopper at IKEA.

The perpetrator, Abraham Ukbagabir, a 36-year-old Eritrean Muslim (who lied that he was a Christian and used a fake name and passport), took a knife from the kitchenware department at IKEA in Vasteras, and attacked two random victims; a 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son, on a visit from a village outside of Skelleftea in northern Sweden.

Ukbagabir tried to stab the woman and her son, and then grabbed the woman from behind and cut her throat with a knife he had grabbed from the display, while screaming Allau-Akhbar in Arabic. Witnesses state that the woman’s head was nearly fully decapitated after Ukbagabir was finished and calmy walked away to the bus stop outside IKEA. Ukbagabir continued to scream for Allah in Arabic when the police arrived to arrest him.

Image result for muslim ikea murder

Image result for muslim ikea murder

Sweden IKEA stabbing victim was decapitated by new African asylum seeker

7 thoughts on “Sweden implements new law that protects the identity of Muslim criminals

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  2. The old US stereotype of the “swede” was of a dull witted, good natured fellow( or woman) who became like an enraged bull when angry. I hate to say it but Sweden now seems to be full of leftist bullocks but they are even dimmer than the stereotype and the total absence of testicles shows badly. I never fail to boggle at each Swedish revelation from their lunatic left as it gives you an idea of what we can expect from our radical left: chaos, death & destruction. IMO Leftists are the vectors and islam the plague and BOTH should be eliminated.

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  3. It would be helpful if the public can know more about any suspect when police are still looking for him. That way, the public might be able to find the suspect quickly and efficiently. If all information is blocked, then the suspect might be able to get away, and also might be able to attack or kill more people. Isn’t this important to any people in Sweden?

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