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France: Saudi ‘princess’ holds painter at gunpoint in Paris and tells bodyguard ‘You have to kill this dog’

Ban these people from the West. They are not suitable to mix with the modern world. They shouldn’t be allowed visas, they shouldn’t be allowed to own properties. Vile, nasty subhumans. None of them are royalty anyways. It’s a completely invented title. How ridiculous is it if a man prints plastic badges and calls himself a police officer? It’s the same with these Saudi’s. They’ve invented a royal title for themselves. They come from illiterate desert bedouins and warring criminals who lived with their camels in tens, drinking their urine and eating locusts. Nothing royal about them.

Saudi Arabia was created in 1932 and prior to that there existed no “Saudi royal” title for these primitive animals. They’ve invented the title for themselves! It’s the most absurd, laughable artificial accolades exploited by primitive and barely literate bedouin tribals who are still nothing but desert animals. No matter how much you decorate a pig with a silk cape, a cigar and slippers, it doesn’t make it less of a pig.

If you ever meet these “royals” in person, it dawns on you right away that they are still very primitive – nothing but caricatures decorated in modern paraphernalia. They are crude, hostile, paranoid, ill-mannered, primal and plain absurd. Many of them don’t even know how to walk in shoes and wobble around like Big Bird (at home they often walk around barefoot wrapped in their tribal cloth. Normal clothes are toys). The women spend all their time in European high-fashion stores and buy items they have no clue how to wear and look absolutely ridiculous in the incoherent cacophony of items attached to their bodies. It’s not different than handing a mirror or a comb to a remote African tribe never before exposed to the modern world. We’ve enjoyed a lot of years watching and laughing at these Saudi’s in their new shoes and designer clothes, having no clue how to actually wear them. Women wobbling around in high-heels, sitting like immature pre-teens in ice cream bars, ledges of shop windows lingering and ogling at men. Some of the women have so much plastic surgery they look bizarre, like surgery addicted hookers in Hollywood. The men will wear female perfumes having no clue what the difference is between Femme and Homme. They think an Eau de Toilette is something you use used after they’re finished on the toilet… They are flamboyant gay while their entourage pretends they are anything but. The grandmother will still have all her tribal tattoos and more or less sit on the floor in luxury five-star hotels. They often bring their own cooking items to these five-star hotels and sit on the floor like desert dwellers cooking their food or eating their one-plate tribal lunch. It’s a caricature.



‘You have to kill this dog’: Saudi Princess ordered her bodyguards to tie up a Parisian painter and decorator and force him to kiss her FEET in four hour ordeal at her palatial flat

  • The unnamed multi-millionaire princess ‘attacked’ the man in Paris
  • She ordered her bodyguards to beat him up ‘for taking pictures’ 
  • This is just the latest example of Gulf royalty abusing overseas staff 


A Saudi Arabian princess made a painter and decorator kiss her feet inside a palatial Paris flat before telling a bodyguard: ‘You have to kill this dog, he doesn’t deserve to live.’

In the latest example or royalty from the Gulf kingdom abusing overseas staff, the unnamed multi-millionaire allegedly attacked the also unidentified man in the French capital earlier this summer.

He had arrived at the property in Avenue Foch, a hugely prestigious road that runs off the Arc de Triomphe, to carry out some basic decorating.


A Saudi Arabian princess made a painter and decorator kiss her feet at a palatial flat on Avenue Foch (pictured), a hugely prestigious road that runs off the Arc de Triomphe

But the Princess, who is said to be related to the late King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, was not happy.

When she saw the workman taking photographs on his smart phone camera – something decorators do routinely nowadays – she accused him of preparing to sell them to the media.

She then ordered her bodyguards to beat him up, tied his hands and feet together, and then made him kiss her feet. [The story has omitted the French version of the incident which says the painter was held at gunpoint for over four hours]

Le Point, the French news outlet, reports the ‘You have to kill this dog, he doesn’t deserve to live’ allegation, saying it has been passed on the police.

The Princess is said to be related to the old King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

The Princess is said to be related to the old King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The entire ordeal lasted for up to four hours, before the man was kicked out of the flat, and told to ‘never return’ to the area.

Later he asked for the equivalent of some 16,000 pounds for work done, and for the return of his tools.

Le Point said he then made a report to the police, showing them bruises on his head, which he said were caused by the attack.

The dispute over the money may well hamper any future criminal enquiry, as will the privileged manner in which Saudi royalty is treated in France.

Not only is the country a massive market for French arms sales but some of the most prestigious real estate in the country is owned by Saudis.

Unlike French security guards, their protection staff are allowed to carry guns thanks to diplomatic agreements.



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  2. Admin just let me say yes I have met Saudi so called Royals, and yes they are utter scum, pig is too good. Believe me pigs are cleaner and certainly more well behaved. And yes I have kept pigs Back in ’79 these filthy Arab so called princesses used to trail around Harrods Perfumery Counters stinking of BO and touching the make up & perfumes and for the Consultants it was a nightmare dealing with these Sows.


  3. One hundred sixty hours of community service, four weeks, of picking up roadside trash and cleaning public toilets seem in order. As an accommodation, she can wear a safety orange hijab tastefully matching her safety orange jump suit.


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  5. Hurry up and stop the oil companies blocking cold fusion patents so that we can only need the stuff for plastics and not fuel. then when oil drops to 10$ per barrel, watch the ME Arabs squirm and beg. If you believe in a god then do ask him why he gave the oil to the scum.


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