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Canada: Lone-wolf knife attack in broad daylight on 83-year-old woman

Targeting women again. She had never seen him before. The M-word is never mentioned in the article, but we have our guess…

In July 2016 devout Muslims of the Islamic State posted yet one more video asking Muslims everywhere to slaughter innocent people in any way they can to demonstrate their devotion to Islam, the Dawah (proselytizing ) and Sharia:

“So brothers, when you have any chance to kill one of those American or French infidels or any of those who support them, take it.

“You can smash his head with a stone, slaughter him, run him over by car, throw him off a roof, strangle him or even poison him.

“The important thing is not to hesitate or give up and let your goal be to kill this infidel or die trying.”

“So, give yourself to Allah and ask him for his help.



Onlookers horrified as man stabs elderly woman repeatedly in the face in apparently random attack

Trevor Wilhelm, Postmedia News | September 29, 2016 |

Security video screen grabs show the suspect shortly before the attack.
Security video screen grabs show the suspect shortly before the attack.

WINDSOR, Ont. — A man ambushed an elderly woman at random, stabbing her repeatedly in the face and leaving her screaming and bleeding on the sidewalk on a city street Wednesday morning.

Investigators said the vicious attack — on an 83-year-old woman — didn’t end with the initial blows to the face. When she fell to the ground, police said, the man climbed on top of her and continued stabbing her.

“She was screaming at the top of her lungs, like five or six times,” said Jennyfer Demers, who helped the victim. “When I came up I saw the guy running away, so I didn’t really get a clear picture of him.”

“I helped her up off the ground and she was bleeding from her face and her eye area. There was blood everywhere. She was clearly shaken up.”

The woman suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries.

Police said the 83-year-old woman was walking around 11:30 a.m. when a man snuck up behind her and stabbed her repeatedly in the face.

“He assaulted her multiple times, and then when she went to the ground he continued to assault her on the ground and then took off,” said Const. Andrew Drouillard.

After the attack, the suspect fled south, tossing his plaid jacket and a shirt as he ran. Police arrested a suspect later in the afternoon.

Police spent the afternoon scouring the Ottawa Street area for witnesses and surveillance cameras as they tried to piece together what happened.

One of the businesses they collected video from was Salon Brush. The attack happened outside the salon’s front doors. Demers was working there when it happened.

She said that after the woman fell down, the man climbed on top of her and stabbed her in the side. Then he suddenly ran off.

“It happened so quickly,” she said. “It was a shock.”

Demers and some other women in the salon rushed out to help the elderly woman.

“When I helped her up, the knife was sitting literally right there and there was blood on it,” said Demers. “She was still screaming.”

They brought her into the salon and called 911. Employees had to clean up large pools of blood from the front of the salon after paramedics took the woman away.

Kim Spirou, who owns the salon, was stunned when she watched the surveillance video.

“He crossed the street very deliberately, you could tell he was targeting her,” she said. “He caught up to her and stabbed her right in front of the salon.”

Police said the attacker didn’t seem to know his victim.

“That’s what is disturbing about this, it appears to be some random act of violence,” said Drouillard.

“This male approached this elderly female from behind when she was walking and just assaulted her and took off from the scene. We don’t know what the motive is at this time.”

stab chart - how to stab a jew palestine



11 thoughts on “Canada: Lone-wolf knife attack in broad daylight on 83-year-old woman

  1. This happened in July and we are just now hearing about it? There hasn’t been an update on the story?…… Perhaps it was just a random attack…not a jihadi attack?

    You do know that there are other criminal elements out in the world also…right? Let’s not jump to conclusions before we get all the facts!

    It very well could have been some guy who thought an elderly woman wouldn’t fight back and the elderly always carry money that can be taken from them easily……


    • “just some guy”
      No, it’s clearly an Arab Muslim. Look at the picture. There is no other reason to randomly stab someone like this, no other motivation. Read this website more, and go watch Dr. Bill Warner’s videos on youtube if you can’t identify this yet. He stresses that he only speaks on the political action of Islam itself, not about those who move it.

      “Man stabs woman” – look at the actual title of the article.
      This a very well known trick that the media does continually. When it’s a muslim attack, it’s just a random event, with no foreseeable reason or cause. This is to remove your ability to actually question the causes and reasons, because all patterns are hidden.


    • Baconator….

      I agree that in most media articles ( especially in Britain, Europe, and the USA) the media will not post the truth. In Canada though….even with the CBC crap…..if the man was a muslim or at least of Arab ethnicity….they would have said that. Now if the man was a native aboriginal….that might not have been said.

      Muslim attacks in Canada are usually reported as such! This is why I said that it could have been any other ethnicity other than ME!

      I do not jump to conclusions or assumptions and wait to pass judgement before I get ALL the facts. If you wish to do otherwise….well that is your business.

      I do know about the cult of islam and do not rely on what others tell me about islam. I have spoken with quite a few who were in the ME on military duty. They told me what they saw. I have read numerous books on the subject of islam. I have been on numerous websites and read what they have posted. I have watched numerous videos from YT with ‘supposed’ experts on the subject.

      The problem with most websites though is that most state they are anti-islam but are actually a haven for those who are anti-muslim. Not all sects of islam follow the same Koran nor the same teachings. To group them all together as one is erroneous.


      • Anyone not following the same Islam that ISIS follows is simply an apostate. That is the real deal. It is to follow the same actions as Mohammed did. That is what I speak of.


      • ISIS is following the Wahabbi Koran….which the Saudi’s have seen fit to change to carry out their agenda for a Caliphate. Not all Korans ( or all muslims) have the same teachings of Mohammed…..which is why they consider the other sects of islam, apostates.

        The Wahabbi sect is the most violent.

        Until we are aware of all the facts concerning the attack in the story above…. I won’t accuse the attacker of being muslim. Regardless of his ethinicity….he will be charged, prosecuted and sent to prison. Which is where he should be!


    • Baconator….

      Forgot to address your comment about the picture. The picture above is not really clear and it is difficult to actually see what ethnicity the culprit is.

      To say there is no other motivation to stab an elderly woman is BS! There are many motives…..robbing her, being a psychotic on the loose, hating white people or the elderly, to name just a few.

      Any individual of any ethnicity could very well do this. It is not just those of muslim origins that attack people with knives in Canada.


      • It is quite the predicament when the acts of brutal psychopaths acting randomly are posited as the acts of pious believers dedicated to fulfilling a scriptural mission. And one is living with a million of them.


      • It’s not really a predicament….. if they do a crime, they will do the time. If it is a terrorist act…then they will be charged accordingly under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

        It’s only a predicament if one’s country does not follow the laws laid out to prosecute them for illegal acts.


  2. A True Lion of Islam.

    This Knight of Allah put it all on the line after cleverly ascertaining that:
    1. she wasn’t waiting in ambush with another little old lady, or
    2. wasn’t armed with a flame thrower disguised as a walker.

    A successful Jihadi need be prudent. These Kufr octogenarians can be tricky.


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