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Greece: Police find leaflets and quotes from Koran in Crete calling for conquest of non-Muslim lands

Look carefully at the statement in the article and it will give readers the primary cause for the ‘Palestinian’ occupation of Israel, the invasion of Syria and it’s infidel ‘false Muslim’ Alawite  leadership, the Islamization of over 45 non-Muslim countries and the reason why they continue to spread this occupation through migration for the purpose of conquest: non-believers should not own any land. That’s the law according to the Koran. If a non-Muslim does indeed own land or have their own country that is not ruled by Sharia, they are ‘waging war against Allah and his followers’ and must be confronted. For this reason, we can see the Jihad taking place in countries like Myanmar , in Africa, in India which lead to the take-over of parts of India (today, known as Pakistan and Bangladesh) and which continues with the conflicts in Kashmir and spread further into the country. That’s the law according to the Koran. These countries are too poor to manage the problem fully and it grows out of control.

This idea that no-one except a Muslim is allowed to have a country or own land is the reason why Muslims commit hijrah-jihad (migration) which is otherwise forbidden according to the Koran as a Muslim must live under Sharia, not under infidel laws. This law from the Koran is the reason why China has problems with the Uighurs; why Russia has problems with Muslims not only in North Caucus but spreading into the country the larger the Muslim population becomes. This is also why Thailand suffers from relentless Muslim attacks in the south through infiltration from Malaysia. This short sentence explains why the whole world is tormented by Muslim jihad. And the only cure to this is to revert back to old laws and ban all Muslim migration and deport them. In countries with a significant Muslim migration population, there must be laws put into place calling for capital punishment of Muslims showing any sign of Islamic extremism or support of jihad. The problem gets more and more complex with each generation of Muslim population growth until it becomes unmanageable.



Authorities investigate mystery flyers citing Koran
26 September, 2016

Authorities on Crete have launched an investigation after leaflets with references to Allah and excerpts from the Koran were found strewn on the streets of Tympaki in the area of Messara.

According to local reports, the flyers, signed by a group calling itself the Muslim Brotherhood of Crete, said that Allah has commanded the conquest of the planet and that non-believers should not own any land.


6 thoughts on “Greece: Police find leaflets and quotes from Koran in Crete calling for conquest of non-Muslim lands

  1. Santa Claus and Allah have much in common. Their wraith is invoked to get children to behave, and simple-minded adults think they are real.


  2. It is illegal immigration pure and simple. Some of the migrants are refugees, but by far most are young fit males wanting an easy life, and the numbers trying to invade Europe are getting worse. Libya is a major departure point as there is no-one to stop them. Such departures from Egypt are illegal – the Egyptian navy patrols the coast to stop them and they get incarcerated. The navies of Greece, Italy, France and Spain need to do the same and take the illegals back to their departure points – but will they?


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