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Sweden: Muslim mass shooting in Malmo force police to seal off neighbourhood

Sweden… a country where people don’t carry a firearm. Except the Muslims. Muslims in Sweden claim that all of them not only carry illegal guns, but they own military hand grenades and other warfare weapons.

The Swedish government continues to import more and more Muslims before they have successfully integrated and managed the ones they already have.



Gun attack leaves multiple casualties in Sweden as police seal off neighbourhood,
Sunday 25 September 2016

sweden arabia burka

A gun attack has left multiple people injured in Malmo, Sweden tonight.

Local reports say that a major police operation is underway in the city where a football game was underway. is reporting that four people were shot at 7pm (local time) and there is an ongoing operation in the area.

Police spokesman Ewa-Gun Westford said: “We have an ongoing operation in the area and have a confirmed shootings with more than one injured.

“More we do not know because we are in the midst of it.

“Because it happened during a football derby between Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF in town, there are many policemen on duty in Malmo tonight.”

Tre personer skjutna i bostadsområde i Malmö, enligt uppgifter till Kvällsposten.
— Expressen (@Expressen) September 25, 2016

4 injured In Malmo Sweden Shooting via @AmichaiStein1
— Liveuamap World (@lumworld) September 25, 2016

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10 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim mass shooting in Malmo force police to seal off neighbourhood

    • Two shootings in the same town? Are you serious? There are HUNDREDS of Muslims shooting people in Sweden. And 99% of the cases you refer to are not any attacks by natives. It’s Muslim on Muslim conflicts. This has been discussed and proven many times. Even the police have confirmed it.
      Why exactly did Breivik target the socialists? Because they kept importing Muslims, who rape and attack his people.


    • Is there really a need for this?

      Western Civilization is the brightest star in the sky. Our culture promotes the spirit of inquiry and personal freedom which are the catalysts driving human progress. Are you (or they) positing that a presumed racial advantage explains away the failure of non-Westerners to measure up? That spiritualism isn’t the ruination of most of our species.

      If we humans were all intellectual atheists, humanity would have a million and a half millennium future upon this planet, that is, till our sun goes nova.

      Let religionists call the shots are we are extinct within centuries, as our absurd birth rate and toxic effluents catch up with us and bequeath us a future where the living envy the dead.


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