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Muslim mob attack locals and terrorize entire Dutch city ‘for months’

“For months” – and the media reports on this only now? And why is that? The Eurocrats are dumbing down media on accurate and truthful reports on the region’s Muslim problems. What we see is only a drop in the ocean of the real problem.

Remember all those socialist Eurocrats who wanted Turkey to gain ‘immediate’ ascension into EU membership with open borders, unlimited access and what not? If we recall, the strongest voice for this was a Swedish left-wing addition in the European Parliament. They imagined in their socialist haze that the Turkish invasion would ‘improve’ their economy. How does a presence of these people improve anything?



Turkish migrant gang ATTACKS locals during reign of terror across entire Dutch city

SHOCKING attacks have ripped through a quiet Dutch city as a mob of Turkish youths terrorised locals.

By Oli Smith
PUBLISHED: 11:20, Fri, Sep 23, 2016 |

The terrifying attacks have been filmed by the twisted gang of migrants around the city of Zaandam.

For months now, migrant youths have uploaded videos of themselves beating up random citizens and even intimidating police officers.

In one shocking clip last weekend, the gang can be seen relentlessly chasing after and attacking local Dutch civilians.

city in the Netherlands

The Turkish mob of teenagers have terrorised an entire city in the Netherlands

The chaotic fighting, in the square outside a supermarket, sees one of the attackers wielding what appears to be a crowbar.

Another chilling video captured the gang laughing while they beat up a passerby after knocking him off his bicycle.

Two weeks ago, police were criticised for arriving nearly an hour after a news crew was attacked and pelted with eggs by the terrifying mob.

In previous videos, the gang – nicknamed the ‘Erdogan warriors‘ by local press – have shown off their weapons while boasting that they will “kill” people who anger them.

The city has been in turmoil for months – but the group of violent youths has finally been punished.

Crowds of locals met earlier this week at the town hall to complain about the officials’ reaction to the unrest.

The meeting was set up after Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte described them as “scum” and a local councilor made a formal police complaint after being threatened.

Cinderella Meijer, who works at a local youth centre, said the migrants had been banned after damaging the facility and stealing from it.

She said: “This has already been playing out for ten years. They get everything from the city council, everything is done. But each time they destroy and steal.

“They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside.”

shopping centre
The vlogger at the centre of the row about young men causing trouble outside a shopping centre

They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside. 
– Cinderella Meijer, local youth centre worker

Last night, dozens of police raided the neighbourhood where the migrants live and arrested 12 people.

This comes as the police announced extra surveillance in the neighborhood as well as a temporary ban on public meetings of youth.

The ringleader of the mob, 19-year-old Ismail Ilgun, who posted the videos of the attacks onto YouTube, was among those arrested.

for a few weeks

Poelenburg has been restless for a few weeks.

etings in public

Turkish youth ignored a ban on group meetings in public

He has since apologised for his “stupid” behaviour.

He said: “I’ve put things online which I should not have done. Things should never have gone this far

“This is not what the lads and I wanted. We are young and inexperienced and don’t know anything about television and the media.”

5 thoughts on “Muslim mob attack locals and terrorize entire Dutch city ‘for months’

  1. Comment from the Netherlands, and a fierce opposer of islam and illegal immigration as well:
    Sheer nonsense. The troublemakers are not migrants but adolescent children or grandchildren of labor force immigrants, and there may be problems in lots of suburbs but certainly not in entire cities.
    And of course sometimes politics and police are acting way to slow and soft, but then these spoilt brads just want attention (gaining money with their scandal-vlogs). A bit like soccer hooligans. There may be criminals among them, but this is not civil war, and religion was never mentioned as motive or otherwise until one Turkish journalist tried and lied to make it Erdogan-politics.


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