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Rich Arabs Give Their Children Black Slaves As Birthday Gifts

Nothing much has changed.


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31 thoughts on “Rich Arabs Give Their Children Black Slaves As Birthday Gifts

  1. I agree that this film is very old – cars, music and presentaton speak to it! It is my understanding that there are only two places in the world right now where slavery is legal – Africa and Indonesia. No one talks about it! All we hear is about American slavery which ended in the mid 1800s.


    • When did share cropping end? study more and with an open mind and honest heart. I believe you are an inherently good person so study this so that you may be informed more comprehensively.


    • Please name the African countries. You didn’t say Asia in the case of Indonesia… so why would you say Africa? Not every country in Africa is the same. You really sounds ignorant. Brush up your knowledge before commenting!


      • lipstick on a pig is still a pig…… what do u think goes on on those african countries??? however, i welcome sharia law to america…. liberals and homosexual will be the first to parish…. old Chinese proverb “watch what you wish for, u might get it”


    • Laws don’t matter if they aren’t enforced. Anti-Slavery laws in Arab lands were passed due to pressure from the West, but in reality, Sharia still rules.
      Saudi Arabs Are Still Selling Castrated Black Slaves TODAY:
      Taking video is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. I’ve been told the undercover documentary, ‘Saudi Arabia Uncovered’ is good, but don’t know if it features slavery.
      Muhammad had black slaves, whom he called ‘raisin heads’ & he is Allah’s perfect example of a man, so why would they view it as wrong? (Islam does mean ‘submission’ after all.)
      Muslim slavery of blacks accounts for 20% of the population of Mauritania alone. Here’s much more:


    • Share cropping is in no way to be considered or related to slavory. Thst shows your ignorance. It is a form of payment which in a good harvest year depending upon the type of crop and your deal making skills . It can be very lucrative. It is honest hard work . I know many young and dumb inner city thug blacks have developed an aversion to manual labor . You ask them and they will become belligerent and seem to have the incorrect view or are of the opinion that manual labor is beneath them. When nothing is further from thev truth


    • Since the formation of Black Lives Matter, it is time Black Americans did more to help their enslaved fellow humans. The UN aught to have legislated against this 50 years ago, they’ve known how black and arab muslims enslave people and yet they keep quiet about it!


      • Are you serious, black lives matter has their hands full here in America with the murdering of innocent black men and woman right here in the land of the free and home of the people are so ignorant, sad…..


    • Those terrible white slavers that took black slaves to America – how do you suppose they got the slaves in the first place? They weren’t capturing and enslaving villages of fierce warriors. Think about the logistics of this for half a second and you’ll realize it’s impossible, or at least – not a workable business model. How many soldiers do you think a slave transport carries?

      They bought them. It’s that simple. They bought black slaves off the black slaveowners that owned them.


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  4. White people need to stop feeling guilty about slavery and stupid black people need to learn to the truth about who started it and still practices it.


      • Thank you for your support friend, white folks were the first to abolish slavery as it is an evil and inhumane subjugation for any human being. It’s disgraceful the Arabs still do this. But then Islam is built on crap taught by a little fat dwarf who himself was enslaved to Arabs. When are the people under the yoke of Islam going to wake up and smell the coffee/truth?


    • Pay what is owed. Honor the treaty and we’ll all be better off. 400 years of slavery and 200 years of guilt? We don’t need your guilt or affirmative action…we require the payment for building the precursor to the present day economy on our backs. Giving us what our ancestors earned will makethis economy even stronger and increase the tax base. But if you’d like…keep withholding and continue to watch this country degrade slowly around you. Keep your equality. Grant us the resources to create equity and we’ll make things equal ourselves.


      • Thank you for teaching me something new but I hate speaking with insults to the founder of Islam please let us discuss the problem as it is I have realized that you guys still don’t have the information about who first ended slavery


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  6. IIRC that film was made in the 1960s as the vehicles seem to be models from that time. The slavery shown is more subtle now but far greater as almost every Arab with access to oil money has his Philippine or Nepalese virtual slave with all the expcted abuses. What I find so gutless in the west are the pathetic gaol sentences given to those Muslims who practise such slavery in the west.


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