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Swedish woman is sex attacked and forced to quit her job after Muslim migrant is hired

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Sara, 23, sex attacked at work and was forced to quit when the boss hired 32-year-old Ahmed from Morocco

Published September 21st, 2016
By Daniel Albinsson, Fria Tider

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What happens when an employer hires a newly arrived immigrant who in turn sex attacks a woman in the workplace? The woman is forced to quit and the [Muslim] offender may remain in his job. This was the case in what happened to Sara, who worked at a Scandic hotel in northern Sweden.

“I felt that there was no one who believes me,” says Sara to the FriaTider.

Sara is 23 years old and has worked at Scandic hotels since 2013. She was full-time employed but took some time off to finish her studies. When she last summer returned to the workplace, she gained a new colleague, 32-year-old Ahmed from Morocco.

“I worked there during the summer and then he worked as a cook and I worked in waitressing. I worked mostly with breakfast and lunch,” says Sara.

Ahmed has received an internship at Scandic. It’s cheap labor for the hotel chain, which last year had sales of SVKr 4.7 million, because it is the taxpayer who stands for his salary. [wtf is wrong with these nordic socialists??? Are they mad?!]

“He could not speak good Swedish, so it was not that we were talking a lot either. We were colleagues,” explains Sara.

Ahmed got into some kind of conflict with the employer and it was Sara’s task to resolve it.

“I was the Union representative,” she explains.

“He had a problem with the Manager and then I helped him to sort it out.”


Then started the sex harassments of Sara. Ahmed looked her up on Facebook and starts sending nasty messages and videos to her.

“It was [a post] on girls in bikini and another time it was a post with a guy who stood and simulated sex on a girl,” says Sara.

– “And he did not give up until I replied. He needed a confirmation. He could send five videos a day, he just sent and sent.”

But the event that would really scare Sara occurred on September 4th last year. She has since, on the same day, resigned from the job, but will work under their notice period.

“He asked me if I could help him in the basement, where we had a conference room. Down there, there was also a kitchen we used,” says Sara.

“I thought he needed help with something. That’s what you think when a colleague ask you to follow along,” she continues.

But Ahmed had other plans. As soon as they were alone he throws himself over his 23-year-old colleague.

“He pushes me up against the wall and molested me. I say no, but he holds me down and hush me to keep quiet,” says Sara.

He “grabbed her breasts, kissed her on the neck, panting in her ear and held onto her wrists”, is written in the court documents that FriaTider have seen.

“I tear myself loose and run up the stairs,” says Sara.

Ahmed frias

The incident was reported to the police and there will be a trial. Sara “has given a very credible impression when she told me about the current event. She has in a straightforward and detailed manner described how the events went and it is clear that it brought a strong discomfort with her,” wrote the Court.

But since none of the Sara’s and Ahmed’s colleagues witnessed the assault the evidence difficult [Do they need 4 witnesses?]. Ahmed denies attacking his colleague and the District Court finds that “words against words regarding what has happened and the supporting evidence that is available is not sufficient for a conviction.” [Swedish courts basically take no considering to the likelihood that she is right and is telling the truth, and that his misogynist background makes him a perfect candidate from a country and culture where over 90% of women are sex assaulted, raped and attacked.]

The verdict fell last week and the 32-year-old Arab was acquitted.

Instead of Ahmed having to resign, it will be Sara that may be forced to end working at Scandic.

“I was on sick leave for a week. But when the week had gone, I felt that I didn’t want to return to a place where I feel insecure,” explains Sara.

– “Why should I risk after this event to run into him when he denies it? So I declared myself on sick leave for the rest of the time period.”

Sara understands why Ahmed was not convicted, and not because of lack of evidence, while she is disappointed that it was she who was forced from the job instead of him.

“When you’ve worked in a company for a long time you feel rather removed from priority for a person who only worked there three months,” she said.

“I felt that no one believed me.”

Work with new arrivals

Sara has a new job. She is now working with newly arrived immigrants to be prepared out on the Swedish labour market within the framework of the so-called start-up mission.

“What becomes a problem in society is that they don’t understand the culture,” she says.

“When it’s summer I will perhaps wear a dress because it’s hot outside, but then they think I dress provocatively because they don’t dress that way at [their] home [countries].

The experience she gained from Scandic she has brought to her new workplace.

“I don’t want anyone to be exposed for what I’ve experienced and for the managers to deal with it as they did,” says Sara.

“I got no closure or taking leave of fellow colleagues that I’ve worked with for quite some time and knew well.”

FriaTider has repeatedly contacted both the Scandic hotel that Sara worked at and Scandic Hotels press Department to give them the opportunity to provide a response. The hotel has promised to get in touch but have not. Sara has asked for identity protection and goes by another name.

4 thoughts on “Swedish woman is sex attacked and forced to quit her job after Muslim migrant is hired

  1. European women should have the right to use guns against these perverts.

    I think the rapefugees are pressing all European men’s buttons and soon will be another war or some type of Crusade: I don’t wish the death of Arabs (including the pervert ones, I wish deportation and justice), what a I mean is Europeans will lose the fear of being called “racists” and will resolve things in a violent manner. ‘Cause humans can take shit until a specific point.


  2. Sweden is definitely in dire circumstances due to the Scandinavian branch of socialism. Ordinary Swedes have to battle the other half consisting of elitist socialists in politics and in the media; all the people living off humanitarian interventions on behalf of helpless savages.
    If Muslims were the only obstacle Sweden and other countries had solved this migrant-problem already. A piece of cake. The real enemy is the second half of the soul- and brainless compatriots who cannot see what’s going on.

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