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Sweden: Muslim Refugee Considers Leaving Malmo for ‘More Peaceful’ Somalia

Empty threats giving Swedish people false hopes. He will never leave. No one gives free money to lazy people in Somalia. He’d actually have to work in Somalia to make ends meet and feed himself. There are no white tax payers he can siphon off and play a victim to racism and war.

Swedish police have their hands tied with an inept government that cannot even re-construct the laws to make their job easier, and to make policing more efficient. They continue to use laws and rules established in pre-Muslim and pre-migrant Sweden, when the laws and policing actually worked on the more docile natives as a deterrent.

Translated from Swedish with Bing and Google with minor editing for clarification:





“Maybe I will move back,” Mohamed said to state [owned NRK news].


Somalis are contemplating escape back home: “more secure” than in Sweden

Fria Tider
Published 19 September 2016

Somali Mohamed Dame is fleeing Sweden after having been subjected to threats by criminal gangs in Gothenburg. Now he is thinking of escaping back to his more peaceful homeland again.

“It’s like a war zone,” he says about the Swedish suburbs to Norwegian NRK.

NRK has in several reports described how Swedish society completely lost control over its so-called external districts, which instead [have been] taken over by criminal immigrants.

Among others [the newspaper] interviewed Mohamed Dame, who immigrated to Sweden from the Somali State of Hargeisa in the present Somaliland when he was six years old. 20 years later, he is “on the run”, but this time in Sweden, writes the Norwegian tv company.

“It’s like a war zone. You don’t know who gets shot. Shots can hit you anywhere. Now there are more weapons than ever. There are more drugs than ever. There is more insecurity. Everyone is scared. I dare say the truth, there are not many who venture there,” says Dame.

He worked as a civilian employee with the police [department], and after a group of [Muslim] criminals got caught [they] blamed Mohamed for [snitching on] them.  After being threatened with murder and surrounded by gun-toting youths he is now at a secret location along with his children.

The situation escalates further because the police refuse to be hard against criminals, according to Mohamed. Many others have been forced to flee the suburb but there are few who dare speak out, he said.

“Many have fled with their children. They are afraid that their children or they themselves should be killed.”

Unless society reclaims control of Sweden Mohamed is considering to escape home to Somaliland, which he now perceives as more secure.

“I may have to move back. I do not know. But I don’t want to move around in Sweden [to another location]. I want to feel secure.”


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