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Saudi ex-Muslim didn’t know what atheism meant – would be executed if she left Islam

Rana Ahmad is an ex muslim atheist. She is a Saudi woman who has renounced her former faith and had to flee Saudi Arabia to stay alive. She explains about the bewildered shock and confusion a Muslim goes through when realities about another world outside Islam is exposed to them.

“How old were you when you were forced to wear the hijab?”

Not a lot of choices then. She was nine still playing with toys. One day when she came home the black ninja outfit was waiting for her. From then onwards there was no choice given to her to reject it. The hijab robbed her of her childhood, she says. Robbed her of the liberty to run and play with other children with her hair blowing in the wind and to be free to be a child. She was a non-living, non-feeling non-entity barely existing and hidden beneath a cloth.

By the time she was 13 the hijab was replaced by the niqab, which was even more restrictive. Niqab was forced on the girl both by her family and by her school.

Rana feels bad whenever she sees a Muslim woman wearing the hijab or niqab. She knows she is looking at a human prisoner, deprived of life, a non-entity who is only allowed to eat, be available for sex, shit, give birth and sleep.

The interview is from Germany’s Deutsche Welle TV, August 16, 2016. Has Merkel bothered to see it?





5 thoughts on “Saudi ex-Muslim didn’t know what atheism meant – would be executed if she left Islam

  1. Nuke Mekka and Medina. Stop all welfare to islam countries. Repatriate muzz’s from western countries. Or…use container ship n’ just dump the cargo in the atlantic.


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