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Socialist French leaders want Muslim migrants all over France

The French Interior Minister (!) Bernard Cazeneuve is planning to make sure that jihad can expand all across the country, by spreading the Muslim invaders to towns and cities all across France so they can rapidly turn the whole country into another Marseilles.

The village fools are on the lose.

10 thoughts on “Socialist French leaders want Muslim migrants all over France

  1. Europe including France is digging its own grave. The decline of Europe has begun as happenings there sound more like what we are used to in Third World countries. The more Europe abandons the Christian faith and Christian values for which so many people shed their blood, the more God will punish it by flooding it with Muslims who will soon dominate all the countries of Europe. Then the European fools will realise the value of their Christian civilisation but it will be too late when they wake up. Material prosperity has blinded most people in Europe but God is not blind. God is using Muslims to punish the decadent Europe and to awaken it. But at the end, God will punish the Muslims too who will find their waterloo yet again.


  2. Cazenueve is a freaking Coward !!! Charles Martell knew the dangers associated with that stinking Saracen Horde ! Why ? Has France literally list their Gonads’! Sorrow will over shadow France , because Islam will not tolerate even Socialism…! Wake France , wake up..!!!


  3. The prefects will apply the plan…with local officials having no say.

    This sounds like the same system the US uses. It’s called the Bovine System. It’s called that because it services society the way bulls service cows.


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