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Muslim migrants in Germany go on “vacation” to their war-torn homelands

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Well, there you go. How much more proof is needed to show that whenever there is a war somewhere, it doesn’t mean the entire country is unsafe. 95% of asylum and refugee cases are based on fraud proving that the entire policy needs to be scrapped.



Refugees in Germany go on ‘vacation’ to war-torn homelands – report

RT, Published time: 12 Sep, 2016 23:20

© Kai Pfaffenbach
© Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

Asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq and other war-torn states who are registered as refugees and receive social benefits in Germany do not hesitate to opt for a “vacation” in their war-ravaged countries, a German media report has discovered.

The information was unveiled by the outlet Die Welt am Sonntag, citing its own investigation. The inquiry included testimonies from registered asylum seekers in Germany who are entitled to so-called HARTZ-IV social benefits. Some of them confirmed to the newspaper that…

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4 thoughts on “Muslim migrants in Germany go on “vacation” to their war-torn homelands

  1. That most asylum claimants are frauds is not news. I remember encountering, in print, before the close of the century, the factoid that, of those international arrivals at JFK International Airport requesting asylum status and then released upon their promise to appear at their application hearings, fewer than 1% didn’t skip.

    I feel compelled to mention Daniel Horowitz’s recent article in the Conservative Review, which is hyper-germane

    It would be a crying shame for conservatives not to harness this very potent issue and make the election a referendum on whether America will become like Europe or not.

    Read ore:


  2. Go to Germany, register as a migrant, get social benefits, return to your country of origin and sucks social benefits till Germany find out you’re not even in their country…

    Don’t forget support your favourite terrorist group in your neigbourhood from Europe’s generous social system

    Better than Loan…

    Europe is supporting SELF-DESTRUCTION


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