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The CIA, Saudi Arabia and 9/11: Robert Baer

The Fall of the House of Saud

Americans have long considered Saudi Arabia the one constant in the Arab Middle East—a source of cheap oil, political stability, and lucrative business relationships. But the country is run by an increasingly dysfunctional royal family that has been funding militant Islamic movements abroad in an attempt to protect itself from them at home. A former CIA operative argues, in an article drawn form his new book, Sleeping With the Devil, that today’s Saudi Arabia can’t last much longer—and the social and economic fallout of its demise could be calamitous

12 thoughts on “The CIA, Saudi Arabia and 9/11: Robert Baer

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    • Now they are doing business with IRAN Christine. I read today in (Gatestone Institute)any western author will have difficulty being published if the subject of the book concerns Islam, PC incorrect. Big publishing Houses like McGrawhill & others are exhibiting at the Iranian Book fare. Publishing houses have been scared into avoiding the subject of ISLAM. Iran is easily as censored as Saudi. No business should be done with ISLAMIC nations but Greed is greater than common sense hence many writers will not be aired who have the courage to deal with Islam either fictionally or factually. Only one possible publishing house is Viking Publishing.


    • Conventional wisdom holds otherwise. The Nipponese weren’t producing heavy water, the Nazis were.

      That is the reason Albert Einstein wrote FDR regarding the possibilities of Axis nukes.

      Scoring the US on the morality of A-bombing two cities is something with which I cannot pretend to be objective. I was born the August of 1946. My father fought at Okinawa. Kyushu was the next step, everyone knew this, especially the Japanese, who were retrieving divisions from China in preparation. The japs had many thousands of suicide aircraft, and these wouldn’t be exposed over the seas while targeting distant carriers, next time they’d come in, low and high, over the beach, straight for the loaded troop ships.

      We obviated suicidal land battles [with us. The Soviets took Manchuria in a month. That’s another story.]

      If there is, or were, one right and morally pure perfect decision, someone else may be able to define it. I can’t.


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