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Indian Muslim hate-preacher Zakir Naik investigated for inspiring Jihad – plays victim

Decades of promoting hatred against non-Muslims, of demeaning the Hindu people and culture in India and beyond, and promoting rejection and hatred of the non-Islamic cultures of India, and Naik plays the victim card? This is how they are. Naik pits Muslims against Hindus in India by what he thinks are intelligent counter-arguments. Naik’s Wahhabi-promoted influence expand far beyond India where Buddhists, Hindus and Christians are being targeted unprovoked even in their homes and their altars by the encouragement of hate-mongers like Naik.

Zakir Naik is a Wahhabi promoter.




Zakir Naik: What have I done to earn ‘terror preacher’ tag?

Bharti Jain | TNN |
Sep 10, 2016, 06.27 PM IST

  • Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has written an open letter to Indians.
  • Naik alleged that he and his NGO IRF are being set up for a ban.
  • He allaged that attack on him was a larger part of attack on Indian Muslims.


NEW DELHI: Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, in an open letter to Indians, has claimed that he was being targetted for being a popular figure among Muslims and that demonising him was part of a larger ‘conspiracy’ to attack the community.

Naik is under the scanner of Indian investigative agencies for allegedly inspiring terrorists with his speeches.

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Stating that his Islamic Research Foundation+ (IRF) and he had been “set up” for a ban, “never mind the lack of evidence”, he accused the government of using “desperate measures to kill peace and harmony”.

Putting a set of five questions to his fellow citizens, Naik wondered why he was being labelled a “terror preacher” now when he had been delivering speeches on Islam for the past 25 years. He also claimed that fresh probes were being undertaken against him and his NGO IRF despite past investigations having found no conclusive evidence of any wrongdoing on their part.

Raising the recent renewal of IRF’s foreign funding licence, followed by revoking of the renewal and suspension of four home ministry officers, Naik asked if this was because the renewal was “against the laid down agenda of the government?”. “Why would you suspend FCRA officials? Is it because they did things by the book?” he asked.

The televangelist sought to question the “selective leaking of government documents to the media”. “The one and only investigation report submitted till now remains inconclusive, but the solicitor general’s ‘judgment’ of banning IRF and I was duly leaked….Is this how IRF will be banned? By creating an atmosphere of ban? Rather than rely on proofs and evidences?” he asked.

Also countering the allegations of forced conversions against him and the IRF, Naik dared the government to produce the converted person along with the statement about “how he or she was forcibly converted”. “Isn’t this the most basic proof of forced conversion? The fact is, there never was forced conversion,” he argued.

Stating that he had been preaching for 25 years, Naik said the move to act against him was part of a deeper agenda to attack Indian Muslims. “What exactly did I do now to earn the tags of ‘terror preacher’, ‘Dr. Terror’ and ‘hate monger’? Of 150 countries where I’m respected and my talks are welcomed, I’m being called a terrorist influence in my own country. What an irony. Why now, when I’ve been doing the same thing for over 25 years?” he asked.

“If IRF and I are banned, it will be biggest jolt to the country’s democracy…this ban will set a precedence of unspeakable injustices against the 20 crore Muslims of India. This action will embolden and encourage every fringe element in the country to do as they please. If you thought intolerance increased in the country recently, this action of the government will take it to an all-time high,” he alleged.

Stating that he had tried to stay away from the spotlight trained on him following claims by two terrorists behind the July 1 attack in Dhaka that they were inspired by his speeches, Naik said he felt it best to continue with his work and not pay attention to his detractors. “But I soon realised that this time it was different. there was much greater media involvement, and a much deeper government’s involvement,” he alleged.

In an appeal to Indians, Naik, who is currently abroad, pleaded: “If you find any wrongdoing on my part, punish me by all means….I’m open to any investigation.”

“To all, my appeal is do not allow subversion of the Constitution. My appeal to the government – be fair in your investigation. Be fair in what you allege. Be truthful with facts,” he added.

Naik claimed that even if India were to close the doors on him, it would work to his advantage as “many countries would welcome this humble servant of God with red-carpet treatment”.



Image result for zakir naik quotes
Image result for zakir naik quotes
Image result for zakir naik quotes
Image result for zakir naik quotes

Image result for zakir naik quotes
Image result for zakir naik quotes
Image result for zakir naik quotes
Image result for zakir naik quotes



4 thoughts on “Indian Muslim hate-preacher Zakir Naik investigated for inspiring Jihad – plays victim

  1. This creep was allowed entry into Australia a couple of years ago to preach in the local mosques despite the government being warned about his background. Just another example where appeasement of Muslims is seen as being more important than safety of the populace.


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