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Perverted Islam: Prophet Muhammad lusted for his son’s wife Zainab

A video by former Muslim Ismaa’eel, clarifying immoral Islamic law to Muslims.

Ismaa’eel was Muslim for 16 years until he realised that the Koran and the life of Mohammed was simply too immoral and violent to be agreed with.

Ismaa’eel writes on his YouTube channel:

I hope to stimulate discussion and dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims, but the focus of this channel is on converts to Islam and potential converts. I provide you with well-researched videos containing authentic information based on the Islamic Sources which will give you knowledge and help you make the right decisions on what to believe and do regarding Islam. The information I will share with you in my videos may be shocking or even painful, but I believe that sometimes the truth hurts and we need to directly address the problems we have in Islam at their very roots.

Prophet Muhammad Lusted After His Son’s Wife

A shocking explanation of Qur’an 33:37 and 33:4-5. A man wanting to marry another man’s wife = adulterous desires?

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At the end of the video I asked the following question: “1) Why did Muhammad speak loud enough for Zaynab to hear him? Did he want her to know he was sexually attracted to her? Muhammad’s audible words destroyed Zayd’s marriage. Maybe Zayd could have kept his wife if Muhammad had remained silent.”

Just to give you some background information, this question is regarding Muhammad’s reaction when he saw Zayd’s wife’s sexually attractive body. Muhammad said (loud enough to be heard by her) “Glory be to God who causes hearts to turn!” Zayd’s wife heard that statement so she knew Muhammad was attracted to her after that. Zayd also found out about that. See “The History of al-Tabari”, Volume VIII, p. 2.

6 thoughts on “Perverted Islam: Prophet Muhammad lusted for his son’s wife Zainab

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  2. Mohammad is a living miracle. Millions of Muslims adore this so called prophet even after knowing his lecherous character. No other evil man in history could claim such love, admiration and following as Mohammad. If this is not the greatest miracle in the entire history of mankind, who will produce a better miracle? Mohammad is a very lucky man.


    • Stalin was no slouch. Imagine being so loved your wife suicides, so feared that on the day you have a stroke no one dares knock upon your bedroom door, much less enter and check upon you.

      By the time Stalin was born, it was too late to declare Communism a religion, and its firebrands as prophets of a vengeful God. It occurs to me that such could be the plot of a futuristic novel or film, to remind ourselves that no matter how much things suck, they could be sucking even worse.

      Have I mentioned my plan to retake Lebanon? It involves establishing a Christian Republic and expelling all the Muslims. All the Christian Arabs of the world will have a place to where they can gravitate, and Israel can have an armed, friendly neighbor. And armed they must be, or the Muslims will kill them.

      “But”, you may think, “if we do this, will not the Muslims hate us even more than they do now?”

      Think about it. It is possible for them to hate more than they do now? Aren’t they maxed?

      Think positive. If we can take back Lebanon, why not Constantinople? Isn’t this why NATO has an army?


  3. I’m afraid that dialogue with Muslims is futile. I don’t think they are capable of reasoning properly although Muslims often call on dialogue. Things have developed too far so this option is blocked much to the fact that Muslims utilize the concept of taqiyya. – Thus the Muslim “legal” lie to non-Muslims is a concept with a boomerang effect.


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