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French nudists in mass beach brawl after ‘group of youths’ harass bathers

A group of youth stalks nude bathers, ogling and taking pictures of the women. The media forgot to take note that they probably fondled themselves too. It’s ‘normal’ behavior in Muslim societies for men to masturbate or rub their genitals at the sight of a female they find ‘slutty’  or want to hump. They’ll take pictures, make lewd remarks and gestures, rub their cocks.

Nothing is mentioned in socialist Muslim-protectionist European media about migrants but it’s not hard to figure out what ‘youth’ this was. Over 5 million Muslims have been brought into Europe in less than five years. Prior to the so-called ‘migrant crisis’, a cover-up term for Hijrah jihad, over 50 million Muslims have made their way into Europe in the past 30-40 years. And as expected, violent crime, rapes, arson, drug peddling, human trafficking rings, murders have skyrocketed during the same time period. They must be nuts letting these people in.



Mass naked brawl on French nudist beach after group of youths refused to strip off and stared at the unclothed sunbathers 

  • A nude brawl has erupted at La Teste-de-Buch, Arcachon, near Bordeaux
  • It was triggered when 10 male teens entered nude zone clothed and stared
  • Some of the beach goers started yelling at them to ‘get nude or get lost’
  • The brawl erupted and police attended. An investigation was ongoing


A group of male teens who preferred to stare rather than strip at a French nudist beach sparked a huge brawl, it has been reported.

About 10 youths are said to have entered the nude zone clothed at the beach at La Teste-de-Buch, in Arcachon, near Bordeaux.

But the scene soon turned ugly when the teens reportedly began staring and behaving ‘provocatively’ around some of the naked women.

The men had been ‘staring’ at the women in breach of French nude beach etiquette, The Local reported.

Other bathers confronted the teens, telling them to either ‘get nude or get lost’, the website reported.

The brawl is then said to have begun.

And it was quite a sight – with naked and clothed people flinging sand in each other’s eyes, screaming abuse and hurling punches.

A unit of the riot control CRS police attended the scene, the website said.

Two people involved had been caught by police after attempting to flee. They were released later.

The beach at La Teste-de-Buch, Arachon, France, where the brawl happened in a nude section

The beach at La Teste-de-Buch, Arachon, France, where the brawl happened in a nude section



6 thoughts on “French nudists in mass beach brawl after ‘group of youths’ harass bathers

  1. Is the arrest of social development skills, the fact that Islamics seem to spend their entire adult lives as gawking adolescents, never aspiring to sophistication or worldliness, always narcissistic and insolent, due to the genetic deprivation which marks their unmistakable intellectual deficiency, upon which may depend the perpetuation of their “faith”?

    In other words, if they stop fucking their cousins, will they eventually have children who aren’t so stupid they remain Muslim? If inter-family procreation disappears, will Islam disappear?

    And how can this process be helped along?

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  2. ‘They’ll take pictures, make lewd remarks and gestures, rub their cocks’

    I can vouch for that having travelled in Muslim countries, two times with different females. It’s a very common thing, having some smelly little creep sidling up to the women hissing in their ears or trying to feel them up. I got to the point where I wouldn’t travel in those countries with women companions again. And now we’ve got them sharing our civilised space……..!

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    • Since our politicians have invited muslim scum our countries have ceased to be civilised.
      throughout history the most barbaric will generally conquer; muslims are certainly barbaric so the western world need to start dealing with them appropriately. No more human rights for those that ignore the rights of others.

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