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French cop is stabbed in the neck in Toulouse by Muslim with ‘psychological problems’

Daily jihad attacks in France nowadays, yet media reports only a small fraction of them. Imagine how it will be in another ten years when the Muslim population doubles?

The article does not mention that the attacker was of Algerian origin, La Depeche Du Midi said….



French cop is stabbed in a Toulouse police station by crazed knife-wielding assailant 

  • Police officer was stabbed in the neck on Tuesday afternoon in Toulouse
  • Attacker has been arrested but officials say the motive is not yet known
  • Suspect is known to the authorities for having psychological issues

A crazed attacker shouted ‘I’m tired of France, tired of this country’ as he stabbed a police officer in the neck.

The man is reported to have entered the police station, in the southern city of Toulouse, on Tuesday afternoon pretending he wanted to make a complaint.

But instead the 31-year-old launched an attack on the officer – named locally as Valentin – first trying to reach his gun, before stabbing her in the neck.

The policeman was attacked at this station by a man wielding a knife on Tuesday afternoon

Police spokesman David Delattre said the officer had a minor neck injury and added that the attacker had been arrested, but he couldn’t elaborate further on the cause of the attack or the identity of either individual.

An Interior Ministry official, who wasn’t authorized to speak to the media so spoke on condition of anonymity, said that it’s too soon to say if the ‘attack was of a terrorist nature’.

However, the attacker was known to have psychological problems and is said to have a grudge against police.

He had been noted but never charged for daubing the walls of the same police station with slogans referring to self-styled al-Qaeda member, Mohamed Merah.

Merah killed seven people, including a teacher and three children at a Jewish school, the youngest of whom was just three-years-old, in 2012.

The attack took place near Tolouse's Place du Capitole, in the centre of the city

The attack took place near Tolouse’s Place du Capitole, in the centre of the city

French security forces have been targeted by Islamist militants who have carried out several attacks since January last year.

In June, a Frenchman who pledged allegiance to Islamic State stabbed a police commander to death outside his home and killed his partner, who also worked for the police.

6 thoughts on “French cop is stabbed in the neck in Toulouse by Muslim with ‘psychological problems’

  1. If a terrorist doesn’t have a bomb they’ll find a gun. If they can’t find a gun they’ll get a knife. If a knife doesn’t do the critical damage desired they’ll use a car. Europe can’t be silent anymore as their civilization withers – they have a serious problem with fundamentalists and they need to find it in their history to fight against it once again.


  2. Things are suspiciously quiet.

    Things are so quiet that only one French cop was stabbed in a Toulouse police station by crazed knife-wielding assailant.

    Things are so quiet I’m reminded of the high-tension quiet of Rafifi.

    I have a bad feeling.


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