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Is Islam Violent? Forget the Koran, Let’s Talk About Islam’s Proven Historical Record


By Raymond Ibrahim
PJ Media, August 3, 2016


Too often, the debate around Islamic violence centers around doctrine — around what the Koran and other scriptures (such as the Hadith — the words and deeds of Muhammad) really say and mean. Forgotten in this debate is that Islamic scriptures are unnecessary in determining whether Islam teaches violence and war against non-Muslims.

History suffices. Consider the facts, which have been attested to by both Muslim and non-Muslim primary historic sources.

A mere decade after the birth of Islam in the 7th century, the jihad burst out of Arabia. In just a few decades, Muslims had permanently conquered what was then two-thirds of the Christian world. The heart of the Muslim world today — nations like Egypt, Syria, all of North Africa, Turkey and more later — had been, in the 7th century, the heart of Christendom.

Thereafter, it was a continuous war on Christian Europe.

That “Religion of Peace”? Ask Obama: If Islam is peaceful, shouldn’t Islam have been peaceful during and immediately following its founding?

Less than three decades after the traditional date of Islam’s founding (622), three of the five original Christian centers (“sees”) founded by the apostles — Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem — were forever swallowed up by Islam. The fourth, Constantinople, valiantly resisted the Islamic onslaught for centuries, but was finally conquered in the name of Islam in 1453.

Though sacked and burned by Muslims as early as 846, only distant Rome — the Vatican, fifth of the ancient Christian sees — remained unconquered.

Among other nations and territories that were attacked and/or came under Muslim domination throughout the centuries are (to give them their modern names, and in no particular order):

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Crete, Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Belarus, Malta, Sardinia, Moldova, Slovakia, and Montenegro.

The few European regions that escaped direct Islamic occupation due to their northwest remoteness include Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Germany. This of course, does not mean that these regions were not attacked by Islam.

Indeed, in the furthest northwest land of Europe – Iceland — Christians used to pray that God save them from the “terror of the Turk.” This was not mere paranoia. As late as 1627, Muslim corsairs raided Iceland.

They seized four hundred captives and sold them in the slave markets of Algiers.

Nor did America escape Islamic attack. A few years after the formation of the United States, in 1800, American trading ships in the Mediterranean were plundered and their sailors enslaved by Muslim corsairs.

The ambassador of Tripoli explained to Thomas Jefferson that it was a Muslim’s right and duty to make war upon non-Muslims wherever they could be found, and to enslave as many as they could take as prisoners.

There was no mystery, no politically correct debate about Islam in those days.

As early as the 8th century, the Byzantine chronicler Theophanes wrote in his Chrongraphia:

He [Muhammad] taught those who gave ear to him that the one slaying the enemy — or being slain by the enemy — entered into paradise [e.g., Koran 9:111]. And he said paradise was carnal and sensual — orgies of eating, drinking, and women.

Also, there was a river of wine … and the woman were of another sort, and the duration of sex greatly prolonged and its pleasure long-enduring [e.g., 56: 7-40, 78:31, 55:70-77]. And all sorts of other nonsense.

Six hundred years later, in the 14th century, Byzantine emperor Paleologus II told a Muslim scholar:

Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman — such as the command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

Such was the honesty of interfaith dialogue in former times.

It deserves repeating, by the standards of historiography, that the aforementioned historical outline is unassailable, and attested to by both Muslim and European historians, from the traditional beginning of Islam till the modern era.

In short, regardless of what the Koran and other Islamic scriptures really “mean,” for roughly one millennium — punctuated by a Crusader-rebuttal that the modern world is obsessed with demonizing — Muslims waged unrelenting war on the West.

They did this, and continue doing this, in the name of Islam.

14 thoughts on “Is Islam Violent? Forget the Koran, Let’s Talk About Islam’s Proven Historical Record

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  2. Not mentioned here is the amazing synchronicity of Islam’s sudden appearance out of the Arabian Desert and how, within just a few years, it had managed to simultaneously defeat the 2 biggest powers of the time – the Byzantine and Persian Empires. Only a few years earlier Persia had invaded and conquered and devastated all the Byzantine eastern provinces, including Egypt the richest. After about 20 years of continuous war, Heraclitus (Byzantine Emperor from 610-641) finally managed to defeat the Persians and recover these territories. Both empires were devastated and exhausted after this – and there is also evidence of a great plague around the same time which some historians believe killed 50% of the population.

    Anyway, just a few years after Heraclius’ victory the army of the new Arab religion of Islam suddenly appeared on the scene. Quite possibly it was only intended to be a quick raid – how could they have expected to win? But when they found both the Byzantine and Persians to be so weakened by the long war and the plague – well, they just kept going. What I am saying is that, if Islam had not appeared at that very moment of weakness, the Arabs would have probably been defeated and slunk back into the desert from where they came, never to be heard of again.

    “the Byzantine victory was ultimately a pyrrhic one, as the devastating impact of the war left the Byzantines in much weakened state. Within a few years both empires were overwhelmed by the onslaught of the Arabs who had become newly united by Islam,[38] ultimately leading to the Muslim conquest of Persia in 644 and the fall of the Sassanid dynasty in 651” (Wikipedia)

    Now that Islam sees the West self-weakened by its own success which has spawned self-indulgence, celebrity worship, obesity, and silly disputes and movements like feminism, with millions of rabid self-hating leftists aiding and abetting the enemy – Islam sees its final and greatest victory on the horizon.


  3. Islam, contributing ABSOLUTELY nothing to the human race except DEATH!
    Islam created corrupted society, deceit, cheating and can not be reversed, this is why Islamic countries are not able to contribute to modern technologies.

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  4. Too bad, christians who won’t take the mark, will have islam’s punishment to deal with. Rev 20:4 says it all. This immigration/activation situation is because satan want’s his army in the highest position’s in all government’s to be able to have this prophecy to come to be. There’s a reason for everything, and this huge immigration of muslims is no surprise. Tribulation awaits….and so do the beheadings.


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  6. I admire M Ibrahim greatly have been following his treatise on ISLAM & Christianity for the last three years. Great to see he is contributing to Muslim Issue as well as the Gatestone Institute. For those whose knowledge of Islam is limited here is the truth in a nutshell.


  7. Islam is not a religion. It is a total system of life; a social and political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda of geo-political aspirations – the conquest and administration of territory.

    There is no ‘Opt-out’ box to tick for those so-called ‘moderates’ who embrace the homophobic, misogynistic blood lust death-cult. It is what it is and its adherents accept the evil message it promotes in its entirety without question nor criticism. Anyway, the term ‘a moderate Muslim’ is an oxymoron.


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