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Europol warns of a wave of Muslim terror attacks on its way across the continent

What do they mean ‘sends new wave of jihadis’? They are already there. In the hundreds of thousands if not more. No one needs to send anything. They work in every passport office, every police department, every local authority. They put people like the London Mayor in positions to work for their ’cause’ and weaken the legal system by constant fabricate victim narrative and open the back door to more of their kind. The cracks then appear everywhere.

The EU has created this situation which is why authorities across the EU now fabricate a list of causes for every daily attack to avoid using the word ‘terror’.  Police tones down attacks and local media only report a fraction of what’s out there. The total insanity is created by Merkel and her socialist loonies in Brussels and Germany is now experiencing a contraction in their economy when the expenditures begin to outweigh the revenues.

Brussels created a needle-in-haystack situation of which they must be made responsible and handed treason charges. There was no “refugee crisis” but a Jihad Hijrah crisis. Refugees had plenty of other regions of their own countries to go to, or the Gulf States to relocate to. None of them had to be accepted by Europe. Not even one. Europe committed a crime when they did nothing to protect the borders against this exploitation. Europe has now turned into Israel: the foreign enemy has invaded and occupied; the terror will never end henceforth.



ISIS sends new wave of jihadis on ‘missions’ to attack Europe: Fake passports used to sneak in from Syria 

  • ISIS has taken ‘strategic decision’ to send fighters to Europe for attacks
  • Spectacular attacks help to ‘boost morale’ for those in Syria
  • Fake passports given out as radicalisation attempts made at refugee camp

By Rebecca Taylor For Mailonline
Published: 18:52, 26 August 2016

Britain has been warned of a rising threat of terror from Islamic State fighters after it was revealed more and more are using fake passports to enter the country.

Earlier this week it was revealed that ISIS has been distributing fake passports in Greek refugee camps to allow its terrorists to travel within Europe on ‘clean’ identity documents.

Now, Europol’s director Rob Wainwright has told the Evening Standard the terror group has taken a ‘strategic decision’ to send fanatics to attack the continent, in the hope of distracting attention from the fighting on its own soil.

It is feared ISIS terrorists are hiding among genuine refugees who made the perilous trip. File photo

6 thoughts on “Europol warns of a wave of Muslim terror attacks on its way across the continent

  1. The Evening Standard is one of the most objective and long standing newspapers in Britain and Rebecca Taylor Mail on line is telling it like it is. Time for the establishment in politics was rooted out and a complete new honest and serious assault on many of these invaders is taken. Those Islamists all ready in Europe need to get a grip and denounce the ‘damnable’ 7th cent. prophet and wake up to the new world of the 21st Cent. Islam breeds ignorance, laziness, violence and atrocities. Better to be atheist than Islamic as I am sure Richard Dawkin would agree with me.


  2. Did you ever consider this situation from the perspective of the poor Muslim migrant? There he is, unemployable, with no language skills, outnumbered 19 to 1 and God wants an immediate attack. So he line-jumps his way into a cafeteria, purloins a serrated steak knife and runs out into the street to stab as many infidels as he can catch, but at the first Allah-hu Akbar they scatter. Now he has to be smart. Old people with walkers become Allah’s gift, baby buggies are always a bonus, and a double baby buggy is like a double eagle in golf [you got the two small fry plus the frantic mom trying to dodge Allah’s love]. Pregnant ones are gimmies, but unless you can duck into a crowded school yard or a rehab clinic for amputees, you’re gonna be hard pressed to harvest your quota of nineteen before the gendarmes show up and pull the curtain.

    But you Islamophobes are blind to the European crime of Jihadi Target Denial, and instead try to change the subject by depicting the Europeans as some kind of victims.

    It’s really hard to show the world the truth through all the distortions and propaganda. And you aren’t making it any easier.

    Where is your walk-in Complaint Department, so I can walk-in and stab someone?

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  3. How perceptive of them? Did they ask Merkel why this is so? I think that the only way to regain control of Europe is to rid ourselves of human trash like Merkel and her cronies and then remove the infestation they have created and subsidized.


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