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Calling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Muslims Try Baseball Bat, Power Screwdriver

PJ media is wrong about one thing. ISIS is not suggesting ‘jihadists’ use any household goods they can get their hands on to kill non-Muslims. ISIS is instruction regular Muslims, any Muslim, to commit murders as their religious duty to Islam.



Calling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Jihadists Try Baseball Bat, Power Screwdriver

By Bridget Johnson,
PJ Media August 21, 2016

A policeman looks at the truck used for an attack on Bastille Day crowds in Nice on July 15, 2016. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

A new video out of ISIS’ Al-Khayr province in Syria suggests jihadists emulate the on-hand weaponry of the Nice attack with at-home items such as a power screwdriver, baseball bat or hypodermic needle.

The death toll in the July 14 attack on the French coastal city, in which a Tunisian living in Nice drove a cargo truck into a Bastille Day crowd, rose to 86 a few days ago as another man died of his injuries. Eighty-three were killed at the scene.

French authorities initially declared that the truck driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, had no known links to terrorism. The attacker’s uncle said Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, claimed by ISIS as one of their own, was recruited by an Algerian shortly before the attack even though he “didn’t pray, didn’t go to the mosque and ate pork.”

His choice of a truck as a weapon has been fueling the ISIS call for lone jihadists to use whatever weapons are convenient and less likely to arouse suspicion.

As far as targets, the new video focuses largely on France and the United States. After giving weapons suggestions, the video shows a white man in a white T-shirt and jeans carrying a black bag and approaching a gate with a French flag flying overhead.

(ISIS video screenshot)
The video begins, though, with footage of Israel Defense Force soldiers clashing with Palestinians. It soon shows Catholics celebrating Mass and talks about kuffar (disbelievers) paying jizya tax to the Islamic State.

Among the multiple terror montages in the nearly 20-minute video are scenes from the World Trade Center on 9/11, specifically those trapped by the fire trying to summon help from windows or jumping.

They highlighted Hamas’ statement after the Nice attack, in which the Gaza terror group condemned the France attack “out of principle and moral and humanitarian rejection of all forms of extremism and terrorism.”

That July 15 Hamas statement added: “The movement emphasizes in this context that the Palestinian people are more than stung by the fire of Israeli terrorism, which our people are still suffering from for decades.” ISIS hopes to poach recruits from Hamas fighters in Gaza as they push toward Israel.

The ISIS video shows American polling places, including at the former Berryville Primary School in Arkansas, but does not show either candidate, just President Obama and his European counterparts. They also use footage of U.S. service members and drone operation, and a short clip that appears to be either news footage or a city video showing police officers receiving a briefing. The officers shown are from Medford, Ore. Another Medford officer lingers near the trunk of a patrol car.

3 thoughts on “Calling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Muslims Try Baseball Bat, Power Screwdriver

  1. How much more can the people take EU & Merkel. It is time to deal with this problem. Every damnable Wahhbi & Shia mosque in Europe needs to be demolished. Let those decent members of Islam pray in their homes as we have to in Islamic countries. Wait a minute in Saudi you can be indicted by the Religious police for even praying in your home to which ever G-d you pray to|!


  2. Sudden Jihad Syndrome: Changing from an alcohol-swilling, pork-eater to a Divine Shahid abiding in the Paradise with a singleton surprise atrocity. A lifetime of sins will be forgiven by Allah the Merciful a golpe in recognition of the Pious Blood Bath.

    This instant redemption feature is a big time saver and another reason to run down to the mosque and sign up. A suicide vest in your size may be all ready to go. Think of the convenience. To the uninitiated it may just seem a blue-white flash that shatters ear drums a half-mile away, but you know that it’s your personal flying carpet to the Houris. Thank you, Mister Imam!

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