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Norway: Merkel Muslim charged with 8 rapes ‘I needed some love’

Norway: Migrant Charged With 8 Rapes Says ‘ I was lonely I needed some love’

NDL News,
Thursday, 18 August 2016 07:03


 The man who is charged with eight rapes and attempted rape, told the court today that one of the reasons that he performed those acts was that he lost control.

1 Oslo tinghus

Oslo District Court – Norway

Translated using google from this article

A migrant from Iraq has been charged with 8 counts of rape and attempted rape.

Here he explains why he commited the offences:

– In 2005, I lost my family in Iraq. All were killed.When I returned to Norway after having buried them, I felt emptiness, explains the 38-year-old and continues:

– I felt I needed love, but I was unable to contact the girls properly. I lost control of myself, he says.

Even though he has admitted commiting the offences he is pleading not guilty to any wrongdoing.

The man has been charged with the rape and abuse of eight women between 2007-2010.

Today one of his victims testified.


angela-merkel migrants

Article Continues Below:

The Victim:

A Woman (28) told the court that the man pushed her into a hedge, held her down with force, then tried to take off her clothes and rape her. She broke away by hitting and kicking the man.

The Accused:

According to the man’s testimony in court today, he argued that the woman fell into the hedge. He acknowledges that he wanted to have physical contact with her against her will, that they lay in the hedge, where he kissed and hugged her, but not that he tried to rape her.

The Prosecutor:

You answered yes to questions about culpability. In what way do you mean that you have attempted to rape her? asks prosecutor Monica Krag Pettersen.

I had no intention of raping her, saying the accused 38-year-old.

– Why do you acknowledge the attempt to rape her then? asks Pettersen.

– I acknowledge what has happened. I did not acknowledge that I had intentions to rape her. She (the prosecutor) called it rape, I do not call it that, he explains to the court.

Haakon Åsli Skogstad, counsel for the aggrieved girl just wants to give a brief comment on the matter.

Rape Victim (28): I lied and said I had boyfriend, but I did not. He threw me in a bush and held me down by force

When the man testified today, he told about his background.

Refugee from Iraq:

The man came to Norway in 2000 as a refugee. He received a residence permit, but never received citizenship.

In 2005, almost all his family members killed on the border between Syria and Iraq. The reason for this was not clear in court.

According to the accused, he was in Iraq for 40 days, returned to Norway again and began to feel in what he describes as a void.

– When I got home, I felt the emotions and thoughts. There was no one who understood me. I did not know what I wanted, what I wanted with the future, explaining the accused and continues:

– From 2005 to 2010 I was completely without family. I hated myself and my life, he said.

It was in the period when he attacked eight women. He says in court today that he regrets what he has done to the girls.

– I’m sorry and I regret. Had I been an enlightened person, I had not wronged you, he said to the aggrieved.

In 2010 he moved back to Iraq. He explains that he did not enjoy in Norway. The defendant says that he asked a friend if he could marry his sister because he “needed love.” The man specifies in court that he currently has a wife and a child of two years

International clamoring:

The case has previously been widely publicized.In 2008, police with surveillance photos of the accused man . The pictures were taken in the city center, where several of rapes  took place.

After an assault and rape outside Oslo Court in autumn 2010,  DNA sample was taken  from the man, but police could not hold him, and he went abroad. He stayed much of that period in his native Iraq.

While he was gone, the police got a match between the 2010 sample and a sample from 2007. He became internationally wanted in 2011.

Police have been working on getting him back to Norway. Finally he chose to return voluntarily, and according to the explanation in court today he had come to Norway on his own on .6. June 2015 he was arrested at Oslo airport, and has since been in custody.

During the investigation, he was considered by psychiatrists, who were investigating his sanity. According to District Attorney Monica Krag Pettersen however his sanity is not issue in the main proceedings.

The case proceeds in the Oslo District Court until 26 August.




11 thoughts on “Norway: Merkel Muslim charged with 8 rapes ‘I needed some love’

  1. Question our men – do you go out and rape when you have lost your wife, a family, your children? Does this give you license to rape? I believe Muslim men need to occupy their time more usefully rather than skulking around looking for sex via rape – they have money let them use the proper sources to get it off.


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  4. Plenty of love in prison. He may learn to love Jesus. That would be his Latino cellmate [ hey-sous ].

    I can see him now: earrings, and winking at the guards while humming YMCA, let me hear it now, YMCA.


      I award you two amputated thief hands with their thumbs in the upright position. 😀
      I’m exhausted from all the rolling on the floor so I’ll just go on being OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL OFL


  5. just imagine living in an islamic country where the woman is put to death for being raped and the rapist is given a good talking to. NICE to be preparing our nations for takeover and sharia law.


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