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UK: Half of Muslims ‘vulnerable to ISIS grooming’ reject counter-terror scheme

… and the other half wants the freebie handouts and money, and then return to their original plan anyways.



Channel counter-extremism programme in crisis after nearly HALF of those deemed to be vulnerable to ISIS grooming turned down help

  • Government flagship scheme meant to target those being radicalised 
  • Of 245 people offered support through scheme, 117 rejected help
  • Channel programme is voluntary so identified people can refuse support
  • Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood is calling for scheme to be compulsory

By Rebecca Taylor For Mailonline
Published: 19:53, 23 August 2016

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, pictured, said the government scheme needs to be made complusory

5 thoughts on “UK: Half of Muslims ‘vulnerable to ISIS grooming’ reject counter-terror scheme

  1. Clearly the answer to Islamic extremism is to authorize the government to set up mandatory reeducation camps, what could possibly go wrong? Sure, just not letting them into your country would appear to be a simple solution, but then how would your government justify reeducation camps?


  2. Muslims have been invading western shores since the time of Jack the Ripper. Trouble with muslims they believe they are too high ranking to work and according to them the welfare money coming out of our taxes to keep their 4 wives and 20 kids is Jizya which according to Muslims they are entitled to. They need to shipped back to the third world to live in the poverty they came from. This whole muslim crap is a hoax money for old rope.


  3. EVERY single muslim will join in jihad as soon as they reach the numbers they are breeding to meet. EVERY one of the muslims that are in this program will become jihadists once they have enough muslims. THERE IS NO WAY to fundamentally change the murder cult of islam and their history in other places WILL BE REPEATED in every place they are allowed to stay and live. THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS, but an invading army of murder cult members with ONE AIM and that is to bring islam to rule and throw down the laws and current rule of EVERY NATION and replace it with their murder cult. Even the muslim calling for this to be made compulsory will join in the violence once they reach majority. Remember this prediction and watch it become truth as it happens.

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