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Sweden: Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes, overrepresented by +430%

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This report is translated from Swedish into English using Google and may contain minor errors.

The translation is taken from a post on Affes blog. The owner of the blog (who appears to work in Swedish television) regularly keep the Swedish public updated on government statistics and researches missing stats and data to assess the factual situation in the country on migration problems, of which the public is kept in the dark by the ruling socialist government.

*The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet or Brå) functions as the Swedish Government’s body of expertise within the judical system.



Immigrant in the criminal active age

Affes Statistics blog, August 12, 2016

Two large studies have been done on immigrant crime. The most recent took place in 2005. It is high time for a third, but those in power are very reluctant to a new survey…

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7 thoughts on “Sweden: Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes, overrepresented by +430%

  1. May I point out to those who disagree with Muslim Issue – the crime of sadistic and lethal rape in some cases is carried out by boys of just 13 and occasionally under thirteen. I believe many are forgetting the majority age for males in Muslim society is between 10 years and 13. SWEDISH men and boys do not commit such crimes and the incidence of pathological serial rapists is around 2% over a long period of time apprx. 10 years.


    • Doesn’t sound like there are any ‘men’ left in sweden. If there were they would take the law into their own hands. there is nothing else left to do.


  2. The focus upon Islamic immigration will more acute next month, as our Closet Muslim in Charge more or less goes public with Islamic Demographic Infusion:


    The new vision for America: np pride, no shame, just obedience.


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