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Saudi Arabia: Philippines wants answers why maid died with bruises and lacerations on her private parts

Philippines calls for investigation in death of woman in Riyadh

The woman was brought to hospital with bruises on her body and lacerations on her private parts

Philippines calls for investigation in death of woman in Riyadh

Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello visits Filipina rape victim Irma Edloy in Riyadh hospital.The victim died Thursday night at 11:45pm, according to news reports.


Gulf News, Published: 16:39 August 19, 2016
Barbara Mae Dacanay, Correspondent

Manila: Philippine government officials called for an investigation into the case of an overseas Filipina worker (OFW) who died in a hospital in Riyadh after allegedly suffering abuse.

“The department of foreign affairs will continue to do whatever is necessary for Ms Irma Edloy and her family, including the repatriations of her remains,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said on Friday.

“There will be legal action against the perpetrator, especially if the legal report indicates that Ms. Edloy passed due to her wounds from any maltreatment,” said Jose.

Edloy died on Thursday night, according to Philippine media reports. Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III visited her earlier during an emergency trip to Riyadh to help repatriate thousands of Filipino workers who lost their jobs and are stranded in Saudi Arabia.

Edloy had a stroke when her alleged abuser visited her at a hospital in Riyadh, said Congressman Aniceto “John” Bertiz, of ACTS OFW, a sectoral party at the House of Representatives.

“She had a heart attack immediately after seeing her employer at the hospital,” said Berliz. Some suggested that she may have been raped.

“She may be gone, but every effort must be made to make sure that her case will not be buried and forgotten,” said Berliz.

Edloy had bruises on her body and lacerations on her private parts when brought to the hospital, nurses at the hospital said.

About 1.8 million OFWs are based in the Middle East. A total of 10 million OFWs are based worldwide, representing 10 per cent of 100,000 Filipinos in the Philippines.

12 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: Philippines wants answers why maid died with bruises and lacerations on her private parts



  2. I know why this happens, the Phillipiano’s are poor, but I really think the government should “Block” any of their ppl from going to Saudia Arabia.

    As for Muslims … This is par the course for these animals! Non-Muslims are considered just inferior by Muslims, there are those that consider them inhuman.

    Also, why anyone wld think a Muslims especially from Saudia Arabia, wld treat them fair, is beyond me. Just look at the way Saydi Arabians treat their wives and children …. Horribly; and it’s legal in Saudis Arabia for a man to kill his wife and children.


    • We agree. These countries are irresponsible and naive to allow their people to go to Saudi Arabia and other M.E countries where they are abused, trapped and can’t even get access to leave.

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      • Trouble is admin many of these women are supporting families from income earned supposedly from their slave masters in Saudi. The Saudi’s operate by the Korahn and a slave is a slave to with what ever they want. Want to change Saudi then we have to deal with Wahhabi and the haddiths and sunnas of the Korahn. Until this has been done nothing will change in Saudi or any other Islamic nation. The root of all our problems today is the tribal mentality and the absolute belief in the rubbish written in the Korahn. Let me add, Saudi jet fighter pilots actually wear steel jock straps over their flying gear to protect their ‘family jewels’ in the event of being shot out of the sky. Why? because they absolutely believe unequivobly they will need their peni to break the hyman’s of the 72 Virgins in Paradise. Saudi should not have a place in the UN or on the Human Rights Council.


  3. These Philippinos better choose their language carefully. Under Sharia, criticism of Islam or Muslims by infidels is impermissible effrontery. They can induce attacks upon their families by speaking or writing the truth. Under Sharia, the only test is whether a Muslim is offended. The distance of Manila from Riyadh is irrelevant, any kid on a motorbike can snuff a half dozen school children and escape clean. That’s why it’s called terror. There is no defense for anyone not shutting up upon command.

    It is time for Americans to question how much weight is to be given to the characterization of “religion”.
    Is Scientology a spiritual religion, or a guise for impermissible nefarious behavior?
    Is Islam a spiritual religion, or a guise for impermissible nefarious behavior?

    How many bloodbaths need we allow the Muslims before we expel them? I’m satisfied that the Barbary Wars and Nine-Eleven have decided the issue: Islam is to be expelled and the expulsion is the first priority of the new administration.

    Done properly, the USofA could be completely de-Islamized before the end of calendar year 2019 with no going back. This is important. If Hilary and the Muslim Brotherhood decide demographic policy, we get thirty more advocates for Islamic Supremacy for each one admitted to date to achieve “family reunification”. I too, want these families reunited, by returning the homesick monsters before they launch more attacks.

    For your edification, here is a flick with “the Coop” about the Moros of the Philippines at the turn of the last century. Note how little has changed. The film opens with the Islamic version of The Old Surprise Visit (a riazza). Where is a bloody hog pelt when you need one?


  4. Sadly, this kind of brutality toward guest worker women is hardly surprising if you have any familiarity with the Saudi Muslim mindset and how they are viewed within the Kingdom. At least in this case someone is demanding an answer. It remains to be seen if justice there is even possible.

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