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Interview with captured ISIS jihadist: ‘We killed everyone who was an infidel. It’s our religion.’

Interview of ISIS fighters by Israeli reporters - YouTube 2016-08-15 04-13-12Interview of ISIS fighters by Israeli reporters - YouTube 2016-08-15 04-12-35

He killed anyone who was an infidel. It’s his religion, he says. The religion by the Saudi and Tunisian clerics in particular. And the main aim is to spread Islam and jihad to Europe and the West. Saudi Arabia is the main source of funding for the jihad but they get donations and support from Islamic countries from around the world. Turkey would provide funding and medical care, even send doctors to help them.

Every day over a thousand Muslims arrive to join the Islamic State. They would come from Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and the West – where tax-payers have funded their residency permits and passports to allow them to stay in their infidel countries.

Over 5 million Muslims have been allowed to migrate to Europe in the past five years before the so-called Merkel Migrant “crisis” began. Obama takes in hundreds of thousands per year.

Now they are all around us stabbing, raping, attacking, committing arson (right now major arson is burning in Portugal, Spain, California), attacking police and military personnel, derailing trains, looking to poison drinking water sources, trying to unleash chemical weapons on people. What’s even more mind-boggling than Muslims trying to kill others is that Western leaders willingly brought them in! Who files charges against the politicians?


20 thoughts on “Interview with captured ISIS jihadist: ‘We killed everyone who was an infidel. It’s our religion.’

  1. !!! – All those who parse and read these comments, particularly the most abhorrent and violent ones, – express disgust, but not endeavour to take ‘Any’ Politician to account for these graphically described atrocities, and yet, – welcome them in numbers to invade our Western Cultures without any qualms whatsoever! How can this situation be interpreted to mean anything other than acquiescence and concurrence?”


  2. They even killed fellow Muslims, they were funded by Saudi Arabia and Turkey so there you have it, right out of their mouths,


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  6. Why have a religion, believe in yourself, only weak minded people have to resort to praying to some mystical thing. Religion has caused more wars and violence than anything else. Most people and l are atheists, they get up in the morning go to work and just get on with life.


    • Why does our Pledge of Allegiance declare we are “one Nation under God” when it ought say we are “one Nation free from Theocracy”?

      It’s not exactly the same as having the Muslims preform their recitation standing barefoot upon the pelt of a fleshly slaughtered hog, but it points us towards fealty to a tolerant, secular state.


      • How about “one Nation free from Tyranny”?

        Perhaps it serves the same purpose without antagonizing the nominally religious who constitute the overwhelming majority. The important thing is the Pledge of Allegiance should not serve as a validation of the Islamic subversives any sane country should instantly and permanently expel.


      • Why the down arrows?

        Isn’t it obvious that Islam wants the USofA to be “…one Nation under God…”, meaning their proprietary God, Allah, the God that loves Muslims and hates us, and uses us to test the faithful by our slaughter?

        Do you naysayers really believe it wise to provide a propitious head start to our historical enemy who seeks our extermination, religiously, culturally and biologically?

        Would you at least please think about it? And then extend that thinking to the withdrawal of our welcome to the ideology of subjugation and benightedness whose intention is to conquer us through unthinkable violence?

        This old man is not your enemy. Islam is. Please focus upon that.


    • ..and please before someone “jumps’ at the supposed contradiction above, I am advocating the removal of those who practise violence against those who are not violent and for that very reason. The violent ONLY respond to greater violence:a proven fact both psychologically, socially, historically and in reality now.


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