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Denmark: Muslim gang laugh as they attack 13-year old

Denmark Somalis laugh kick, beat and throw 13-year-old Danish kid

A young 13-year old Danish boy, Noah Anker and his classmates, face an uncomfortable daily presence to and from school as they are being stalked, attacked and beaten by Muslim Somalis on a regular basis.

In a video posted by the boy’s father, Brian Anker, his son can be seen attacked by the Muslim gang without any provocation or justification at a local train station. It’s merely another Muslim racist attack – yet one of thousands taking place every day throughout Europe.

According to Brian Anker, he dropped his son off at the station to go and play with his friends at midday last Friday.

He said that by the time his son realised something was wrong, it was too late.

The 46-year-old wrote: “When he got there the atmosphere was strange, the Somalis did not speak Danish, but instead tried to talk in Somali to him.

“When Noah did not understand what they said, he wanted to go home. Then the Somalis began to attack him while they filmed the beating.”

The video shows four Muslims pounce, kick and beat the boy while they laugh and film the incident.

The angry father said rumours around town have sparked fears the gangs have a ‘schoolboy hitlist’ and will “do the same to Noah’s friends when school starts again”.

He continued: “Enough is enough.

“We have to stand together and fight what is happening around us.”

The police confirmed they had been notified of “a violent incident in which six-eight boys have attacked a young boy” but added that the age of children means punishment is unlikely.

It’s typical Muslims to always be savages bullies. In groups they are brave but pee in their pants if they face their victims alone. The insipid socialists will never do anything about this, if it is reported. This is why the problems continue and grow.


The south Spaniards have developed an effective method for dealing with an endless stream of Muslim harassment, intimidation and sex attacks on their women and children by illegal Moroccans in Andalusia: the men go out in groups to locate the assailant, and then beat him to a mangled pulp – sometimes knife him to death. That seems to help…

At some point there has to be a permanent end to this and a total ban on Muslims anywhere. They are completely unsuitable to live and be allowed to exist in the West.

Noah’s father writes the following on his facebook account after posting the video clip (automatically translated into English):

Hi out there to all my fb friends…..
I got this video yesterday sent last night…
Here comes my message to all here in Denmark / Europe wherever…. we will find ourselves in this anymore…. Herr Brian Anchor has had enough now…. my son Noah anchor was last Friday, attacked by 4-6 Somali boys At the train station in fredericia… for no reason. .. for them… only boys…. but no way… enough is enough…. I share this here because my patience is wearing thin… now we have to bloody stand together and fight what’s going on around us … I went to the mosque where they connected the Friday. … Jumu ‘ Ah!!!…. had a talk with those and some adults…. but after I got this video…. and that you have heard around town that will do the same to some of Noah’s buddies when school starts Up again…. I can’t sq hold myself back anymore…. so now it’s going to the police.. the school and the social services….. imagine if it were your child next time!!!….. part of Satan…. Part!!!

Watch the video here on Facebook.



4 thoughts on “Denmark: Muslim gang laugh as they attack 13-year old

  1. Where’s the cops?? Call them if they won’t come tell a muzzies is being attacked
    They’ll run there to help the trash

    – Jacquie



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