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Saudi Arabia: A Regime Declining? – Documentary

The West is feeding the hand that terrorises the world with arms contracts, oil contracts, trade contracts, and alliances. Oil revenues are used to commit genocide against non-Muslims all over the world yet this trade continues. Disgusting criminality that must end.

David Cameron alone signed £7bn in arms contracts with Saudi Barbaria while in office. As Hussain al-Bukhaiti, a freelance journalist in Yemen explains, Saudi Arabia is using their poor country to house a terror headquarters and training camps with Sunni fighters brought from around the world who pose a threat to the Shia Houthis (Ansar Allah). These terrorists are not only used to fight Shiites but they are export to spread Wahhabi terror and Sunni dominance elsewhere with Saudi backing. When the Shia Houthis fought against the Saudi-lead terror groups, especially al-Qaeda which has a very strong presence in Yemen, Saudi’s officially announced the Houthis themselves to be terrorists and engaged their allies, to approve bombings in Yemen. This is how it goes. And while the media and powers to be are busy blaming Assad for Saudi-Sunni infiltration in his country to stage a coup – no one will report much of anything of Saudi violations in Yemen.

We always hear through media that Saudi Arabia is the ‘puppet’ of the U.S. It’s actually the complete opposite: Western leaders are the puppets of Saudi Arabia, completely bedazzled by their oil wealth. The Barbarians with their oil contracts say ‘jump’ and the insipid Western leadership responds,’how high?’.

[Saudi Barbaria tries to remove videos about the country online. We see them disappearing within a few months from youtube etc., so we ask readers to take the opportunity to copy and save videos and upload it to any video accounts you may hold to help spread them.]

7 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: A Regime Declining? – Documentary

  1. I’ve seen this coming for years, the best thing that could happen is Iran & SAUDI go head to head. This is the only way Islam can altogether be wiped out. Iran needs to return to her original power ungoverned by ISLAM. The Ayatollah’s also need to go in order for the middle east to enter fully into the 21st Century.

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