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Saudi TV-host Davoud al-Sharian urge striving Jihadist to commit terror in America

“America doesn’t have any Muslims. It’s in infidel nation. Why not go there?”, asks Saudi TV-host Davoud al-Sharian.

Saudi MBC TV host Davoud al-Sharian encourage soon-to-be-released jihadist to go to America to commit jihad. So what is the motivation of this would-be terrorist? Islam. He keeps quoting Islam.

Al-Qaeda Militant threatens Saudi TV Host and says that the Prophets Grave in Saudi must be destroyed. He demands Jihadists give up their Jihad in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq and instead focus their efforts against Saudi Arabia. The Saudi TV Host attempts to convince him to go commit acts of terrorism in other countries instead.

Saudi Arabia claims to execute people who are suspected terrorists and use this as an excuse each time they kill someone without trial. So why is this one not executed? Because the Saudis send them to other countries to commit jihad. That’s what happened to Syria. The largest group of foreign jihad fighters in ISIS at the inception of their jihad were Saudis and Palestinians. Many were prisoners sent to commit jihad against a Saudi ‘enemy’.

6 thoughts on “Saudi TV-host Davoud al-Sharian urge striving Jihadist to commit terror in America

    • Look at their attitude. They are opposed to being targeted – but happily conceed to have terrorists target others. This is very common in their psyche and why we rarely see any of them denounce terror.


      • Precisely, since 1979 Saudi has imposed covert domination world wide, through mosque building and funding Imams. How the west has not seen this, is beyond me? Oil is the driving force as a result of profits, SAUDIA can fund any Islamic terrorist organization anywhere in the world in the same way Iran can. Neither side denounces terror simply perpetuates terror, the desire of Islam be it shiia or wahhabi is world domination and subjugation.

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