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Saudi Arabia Uncovered – Documentary

Watch how the man suddenly kicks a random female shopper who is in his way at a Saudi grocery store [25:27] and she quickly cowers on the floor like a dog. That’s what women are in Saudi Arabia, nothing but rabid dogs.


Saudi Arabia, the mothership of all terrorism, the father of the Islamic State.

With undercover footage and on-the-ground reporting, FRONTLINE reveals a side of Saudi Arabia that’s rarely seen, and traces the efforts of men and women who are working to bring about change.

International Business Times comment on the film:

A shocking documentary to be broadcast on ITV is to uncover the brutality of life in Saudi Arabia, showing people hanged from cranes and a woman being beheaded in the street. Called Saudi Arabia Uncovered, the film raises yet more questions over the UK government’s continued “special relationship” with the Saudi monarchy, laying bare the regime’s atrocious human rights record.

In one scene five alleged robbers are strung up between two cranes, with young children rushing to view the lifeless bodies. Another clip shows a woman accused of murdering her stepdaughter being beheaded in the street with a sword as she screamed “I didn’t do it”.

The documentary also introduces viewers to a large public area in the Saudi capital Riyadh nicknamed Chop Chop Square, on account of its use for executions. So extensive is the number beheaded, a drainage system used to wash away the blood is shown permanently stained red.

Broadcast on Tuesday (March 22), those behind the documentary say their film “goes undercover to reveal the hidden reality inside one of the world’s most secretive and strict Islamic regimes”. They were given rare access to an underground network of young activists trying to voice their opposition to the Saudi monarchy’s rule over six months.

The filmmakers say it shows an oil-rich Kingdom in “chaos”, with unrest in prisons, poverty on the streets, and religious police enforcing barbaric fundamentalism.

As well as showing some of the grim reality of life under the rule of the notoriously secretive Saudi monarchy, it interviews senior British and US officials questioning whether it is time for the UK to reassess its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The UK government has been under increasing pressure to be stronger in its public condemnation of Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses. This includes its notoriously poor record in relation to women’s rights and its extensive use of the death penalty, which has risen rapidly in recent years and has seen even young activists placed on death row.

The UK has also faced calls for it to suspend its lucrative arms sales to the Saudi regime after it was accused of targeting civilians with “indiscriminate” air strikes in Yemen.

Prime Minister David Cameron and foreign office officials have regularly defended their government’s support for the Saudi regime, saying it is an important partner in the Middle East which provides valuable intelligence on terror attacks.


* If youtube takes the video down, you can view it here:


5 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Uncovered – Documentary

  1. What’s wrong with these women have they no backbone?? If someone tried to do that
    to me they’d be on the floor it’s amazing what a can of peas can do

    – Jacquie



    • If they had a backbone they would soon dead. They live in a society where a woman can be tied with a rope attached to a tow hitch and driven around until she dies for serving a lukewarm dinner, with no law to prosecute the man. If women lived in a society like this they too would hide under a black cloth, hate women who represent the freedom they never have while not daring to do anything to change their situation. A lot of Muslim women are full of self-loath and hatred.

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    • Most Muslim women believe they are doggies and deserve this. Do this with a Western women and she’d make her way over to the grilling section, grab a steel brush and shove it up his rectum and twist. An American woman would shoot him.


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