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Dubai Family Consultant: ‘Anyone who plays Pokémon is a spy. It’s prohibited in Islam.’

They live in a constant state of conspiracies. What he basically wants to say indirectly without revealing his racism on TV is that Pokemon is “filth” because, in his imagination, it represents haram Christian culture – as if apps or video games have anything to do with Christianity.




Dubai Family Consultant Dr. Khalifa Al-Makhrazi: Pokémon Go Is Prohibited, Spreads Darwinism


Dr. Khlifa Al-Makhrazi, head of the Family Consultative Council in Dubai, speaking on Sky News Arabia TV, discussed the new Pokémon Go rage. Dr. Al-Makhrazi declared that playing this game is prohibited, in keeping with a recent fatwa by Al-Azhar and by “some jurisprudents.” He further explained that Pokémon Go is “genuinely and directly” linked to Darwinism and to the theory of evolution. He concluded by saying that anybody playing the game is a spy. The interview aired on July 14.

Dr. Khalifa Al-Makhrazi: “For us Muslims, living in an Arab and Muslim society – what is the ruling of playing this game (Pokémon Go)? Well, there is a clear and official fatwa from Al-Azhar prohibiting this game. Some jurisprudents have also rules that this game is prohibited. One might ask: ‘This is just a game. It’s fun. Why is it prohibited?’ It is prohibited because it is connected to things we are not aware of. It is connected to one’s faith. This game is genuinely and directly linked to Charles Darwin’s doctrine of Darwinism, to the theory of evolution and to the transmutation of the species, where a weak species transforms into a superior species. In our religion, this doctrine is forbidden. Therefore, Al-Azhar issues a clear fatwa prohibiting playing this game.


“I take full responsibility for what I am saying. Any person playing this game is a spy, because the pictures he takes go straight to the global servers. All the places, all the streets and even inside the homes all the way to the bedrooms – the pictures go straight to the global servers, where they are saved, in order to expose all that is private. This game is the number one modern spying tool worldwide. A person unknowingly turns into a spy by playing this game.”

2 thoughts on “Dubai Family Consultant: ‘Anyone who plays Pokémon is a spy. It’s prohibited in Islam.’

  1. This is actual proof for their removal .I mean the bull effluent put out by Leftards is stupid enough but even mentally deficient westerners would be hard put to say stupid comments that even go close to matching those made by the Islamic morons of the flat earth society. Read the Koran and boggle about the mythological adventures of allah who makes Sinbad look like an amateur


  2. Undesirables who self-identify are a boon. I especially appreciate Muslim spokespersons who gratuitously demonstrate why Muslims and Islam should not be tolerated.

    If anyone would wonder why Islam and its Muslims be excluded from the West they merely need ponder the Doctor [!] Khalifa Al-Makhrazi. If he is temporarily unavailable, Islam is chock-a-block full of deluded psychopaths who can provide conclusive evidence of this prudence.


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