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Young Muslim girl beheads her toy doll while singing, ‘We march through the night to cut and behead… Allahu Akbar’

She typifies the mentality of Muslim women wearing the full niqab. They wear it because they are extreme. The burka and niqab came into being to begin with by extremist groups. So whenever you spot one of these ‘Dart Vaders’ walking about, there is an ISIS psychology hiding behind the mask.



‘We march through the night to cut and behead… Allahu Akbar’: Young girl in full niqab sings disturbing song as she beheads toy doll in video posted by ISIS supporter 

  • Sickening new ISIS video show young girl use knife to behead a doll 
  • The youngster appears in the footage where she threatens ISIS enemies 
  • She brandishes a knife while singing a song about killing and beheading
  • Youngster then cuts the head of the toy before punching her arm in the air 

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline
Published: 14:42, 8 August 2016 |

An ISIS supporter has posted a sickening video online showing a young girl singing a disturbing song about destroying the enemies of the terror group before she beheads a doll.

The youngster, who wears a black niqab, appears in the footage brandishing a large knife in front of the camera.

She then begins to sing a song in Arabic in her high-pitched voice, where she warns ‘my sword has been sharpened and I will destroy you.’

A new video released by ISIS shows a young girl dressed in a niqab brandishing a knife and threatening enemies of the terror group 

The disturbing footage comes as Iraqi forces prepare to attack ISIS militants in its de-facto capital of Mosul in Iraq.

The Iraqi army and its elite units that will lead the offensive are gradually taking up positions around the city, from whose Grand Mosque ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate spanning regions of Iraq and Syria in 2014.

According to government sources Iraqi forces have been told to prepare for the battle, which will start next month.




8 thoughts on “Young Muslim girl beheads her toy doll while singing, ‘We march through the night to cut and behead… Allahu Akbar’

  1. The doll deserved everything it had coming to it. It didn’t pray 5 times a day, it didn’t wash its feet, it was touched by more than one person in open day, it was NOT in a full burqa, the list goes on and on. The doll most likely had a Made In China tag, meaning it had been touched by Buddhists…INFIDELS damnit! No the little girl did the right thing just as she had been taught. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn more as the years of her life toiled on? I think she’s ready for puppies and I’d bet her parents are thinking the same thing, black puppies first.


  2. The very epitome of MURDER CULT! Watch the MODERATE muslims join in the violence as soon as they think they have enough numbers. What was described as the most beautiful sound on earth by Obama? The call to prayer of the muslims. All of islam is built on hate and it is a murder cult, NOT a RELIGION!!!

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  3. !!? – “How can ‘any’ “Culture” other than ISLAM even begin to comprehend the antics of a people steeped in ‘hatred’ and ‘violence’ which ‘refer’ to themselves as “Religious?” Here in North America, we regard such acts and displays of ‘Violence’ physically enacted, as conclusive evidence that the ‘Subject’ is totally insane! Absolutely NO CULTURE on the World Stage in today’s current times, – harbouring such innate hatred and predisposition to ‘Violence’ – Can ‘ever’ coexist with ANY OTHER ‘culture’ outside of Islam itself! The leads to the question: “Do people ‘reading’ about it here, rationally expect that the World at large, is at some point, – going to ‘Capitulate’ and actually adopt and ‘legitimize’ this “Cultural(?)” insanity to actually ‘Win out’ and prevail? – For “if” it does, let us ALL end it now, by organizing a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST and get it over with, – NOW!”


  4. Muslims love the idea of cutting people’s heads off – that’s why there is a sword on the flag of Saudi Barbaria. Just a blood thirsty bunch of stone age savages.


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