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Turkish asylum applications soar in Germany

There is no war in Turkey. Only a complete moron gives asylum to people who don’t even need it.

Truly, Germany deserves the terrorism that is their future lot. Such dumb people.

In addition, Turkey has revealed loud and clear what their intentions are by threatening the EU that if they don’t grant them visa-free travels they will flood them with Muslims.

Visa free travels for Turks would, of course, becomes impossible to control with millions of Turks entering Europe. They will never follow laws or leave when the visa expires. It’s basically equal to open borders with Turkey and that’s exactly what Erdogan is aware of and has in mind. Why else the demands and threats?



Turkish asylum applications soar in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Justin Huggler, Berlin, Telegraph
5 August 2016 • 4:49pm

The number of Turkish asylum seekers in Germany has almost doubled so far this year, a development which could undermine the EU’s controversial migrant deal.

The sharp rise will embarrass Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, as she tries to defend Turkey’s role as Europe’s gatekeeper against migrants.

It will also add to growing European criticism of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, over the repression of democratic freedoms in Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Newly released government figures show that 1,719 Turkish citizens claimed asylum in Germany in the first half of 2016, compared to 1,767 in the whole of last year.

The surge was recorded before last month’s failed coup attempt in Turkey, and was made up mostly of ethnic Kurds fleeing renewed conflict between Turkish security forces and Kurdish separatists.

Some 1,510 of the 1,719 those who claimed asylum were of Kurdish origin, according to government figures.

The asylum data were released amid divisions between Turkey and the EU over the migrant deal.

Under the agreement, personally negotiated by Mrs Merkel, Turkey will prevent migrants entering the EU across its borders and take back rejected asylum seekers from Greece.

In return, the EU is to pay Turkey some €6 billion in aid and accept one Syrian refugee for every Syrian returned to Turkey.

eople shout slogans and hold Turkish national flags during a demonstration, against the failed Army coup attempt
People shout slogans and hold Turkish national flags during a demonstration, against the failed Army coup attempt.

Turkey has threatened to pull out of the agreement unless its citizens are granted visa-free travel to the Schengen Area by October.

German officials on Friday insisted there was no need for a back-up plan.

“There’s no reason to have a Plan B,” Peter Altmaier, the head of Mrs Merkel’s chancellery, told Berliner Zeitung newspaper. “Currently everything is taking place as it should according to the agreement.”

But the findings of a new opinion poll released on Friday indicated that Germans are deeply unhappy with Mrs Merkel’s refugee policy.

The chancellor’s personal approval rating dropped 12 points in a month to 47 per cent, just one point above its lowest level for three years, in the aftermath of last month’s violence in Bavaria that saw two suspected terror attacks by asylum seekers.

A Syrian asylum seeker killed himself and injured 15 others in a suicide bombing in Ansbach, and an Afghan refugee injured five people in an axe attack on a train.

Only a third of Germans still support Mrs Merkel’s refugee policy, while almost two-thirds are against it, according to the opinion poll for the broadcaster ARD.

An overwhelming 88 per cent want Mrs Merkel to confront the Turkish regime over its perceived failings, and 69 per cent want talks on visa-free travel for Turks to be suspended even if it endangers the migrant deal.

But there was some comfort for Mrs Merkel. Although her personal approval rating fell, support for her Christian Democrat party (CDU) remained steady in first place at 34 per cent.

Her coalition partner, the Social Democrats (SPD), also remained steady at 22 per cent, meaning if there was an election tomorrow her government could remain in power.

8 thoughts on “Turkish asylum applications soar in Germany

  1. You are dumb yourself, I am German, I don’t agree to the position of our government and have disagreed for many years now, don’t act like everybody in Germany was stupid, just because the Chancelor does bullshit.


  2. It is not too late for Europe but it direly needs a strong leader the necessary violence on muslims and I have the impression that all/most of the European armed forces at no red tab level will ALL happily follow a decnt direct effective leader But while pondscum like Merkel are still there no chance and do remember the EU leaders are more scared of an antiMuslim coup than of Sharia itself as is the USA


  3. I am currently reading Eurabia by Bat Ye’or, not too far through at the moment but from what I have read, and looking around at what is happening in Europe and now this article it seems to me that the EU have been courting the Islamic world since the late 60’s, France has been doing it even longer and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

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    • Yep, when you read books from Bat Ye’or, Coughlin, Spencer, it really opens your eyes. This European invasion has been going on since the 60’s in an organized and deliberate plot. I will never forget Sarkozy, in one of his bizarre speeches, saying that miscegenation, if not done voluntarily, would have to done by mandate from the govt. is that not insane? that will solve what exactly? Now he’s back running for President talking tough. hmmm…what changed? Like France with its 10% plus muslim population, Germany will reach the same point soon. THEN the govt will be so afraid to restrict the Muslims (dress, immigration, rights, privillges), they are doomed. If they do try to pass a muslim immigration ban, the muslims will rise up and riot, burning down huge swathes of their cities. Yep, Europe is in some deep ****.

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      • I know what you are saying but like many Europeans I didn’t pay any attention to what was happening in my country (UK). May 2013 changed my mind with 2 muslims mowing down and butchering a young soldier outside Woolwich Barracks, and claiming to have done it in the name of Islam. Then our idiotic PM came on the news shows and told us it had nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. That was when I had to find out who was telling the truth. I didn’t like what I found out in the Koran or hadith, they are also atrocious books to read, no wonder very few muslims have read them.


    • Yes some of us saw this coming in the 1980s when the then west Germany allowed in a flood of Turkish workers. This is now why VWs and not a few others are now rubbish and only the luxury cars can compete with the Asian cars. The work ethic of muslims leaves much to be desired and especially if they work in or for the west.


    • The rest of the world should refuse entry from anyone carrying an EU passport that has been issued in germany. The EU mp’s should demand that all passports from germany are invalid as these passport holders now have free access to the rest of Europe. What is germany playing at ?


      • Europe can’t stop the free movement of people. It is even worse if you live in the “Schengen” zone there are no borders to even check on those passports. Anyone who calls for the scrapping of the free movement of people are instantly called racist, bigotted or haters. Free movement is the corner stone of the plans to destroy Europe.


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