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Two police officers attacked with machete by man ‘shouting Allahu Akhbar’ in Belgium

Simon Robb for
Saturday 6 Aug 2016 4:52 pm

Two police officers attacked with machete by man 'shouting Allahu Akhbar' in Belgium
Belgium police were called to a bomb threat at a shopping centre back in June (Picture: Getty Images)

Two Belgian police officers were wounded by a man wielding a machete outside a police station this afternoon.

The man was reportedly heard shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ as he attacked the two, including one female officer, in the city of Charleroi, reports RTL.

One of the officers are believed to be in a ‘serious’ condition, while Belgian police later confirmed the attacker has died from gunshot wounds.

Police in Charleroi tweeted: ‘Two police officers injured by machete in front of police by someone shouting Allah Akhkbar.’

A witness told RTL he heard gunshots and an ambulance was present at the scene.

A security perimeter has been set up around the site.






11 thoughts on “Two police officers attacked with machete by man ‘shouting Allahu Akhbar’ in Belgium

  1. All of the European countries that have opened their borders to muslims and other non Europeans have been plagued with terrorism. These countries did not have terrorism before they let muslims in. Now these countries need heavy police forces (which the tax payer is billed)to keep them in line, even with more police they are steady killing, raping and preying on the natives of the country that gave them a home.

    They set forest fires(google jihad by fire), burn cars, live off of the tax payers, contribute nothing, their children attack ours(islamic terrorism and victory starts with this) per their parents teachings, we always have to worry when they will strike us next, whether it be at a sporting event, a national holiday event, a mall. Now we must worry about them poisoning our water and food. Why are they here? What do we gain from their presence? Why must we be the ones to accept their presence when they despise ours even though they are living off of OUR achievements?

    Why are they here? They reap off of this plan, we lose. They have nothing to offer us to make our countries better. They don’t make our countries safer. They are not good for tourism. They are bringing down the economy of every country that have large numbers of them. They are not patriotic to our countries. They are only patriotic to their own people and their own beliefs. They don’t want to be part of our societies they want to destroy them and make them more suitable for them and their cause. Again, I ask, why are they here?

    They aren’t trying to escape the life they left behind, they’re spreading it.
    This is the classic Trojan horse(muslims running from islam, think about it), Europe must look at the bigger picture. The muslims are the oppressors, the abusers, they have been this way for the past 1400 years, they don’t plan on changing now.

    Deport so that our descendants will have a chance to grow up in a safe environment like the generations before the islamic occupation for which we have been sold out for. Our descendants futures are being stolen before they get a chance to live it.


  2. ADMIN about my previous comments about MS Edge and posting here: I tried to send the below message on MS Edge the whole bottom three lines were underlined in red especially this part: ” The Jews were merely scapegoats blamed by the Nazis for everything, but muslims so far seem to be going out of their way to deserve this fate.” Now I deliberately wrote this provocative post to “test” MS Edge and they are “watching” as I had NPs posting it here via IE. It would seem that gates has not just been happy keeping future Somali terrorists alive but now he wishes to do a Hearst and censor the very medium he helped to create: the last bastion of free speech.


  3. My whole life has been centred on and changed by the Holocaust in so many ways(religion, politics etc.) and between my interviewing of those who were there and my reading I have a firm grasp of what really happened in Nazi Germany and the USSR in WW2. But despite my horror and shame for that episode in human history, ironically, I am now leaning towards the opinion that in many ways there may ONLY be ONE Final Solution for muslims: change or die. The Jews were merely scapegoats blamed by the Nazis for everything, but muslims so far seem to be going out of their way to fully deserve a similar fate.


    • When we carefully look ar reports through history, put the timelines together and research a bit, we find that persecution of jews – no matter where – had a Muslim hand behind it. The Europeans and others latched on to Muslim persecution because they blindly followed mere rumours without trying to find out the truth first. The same is done even today with the “Palestinian” problem and all the fools who just accept their lies and propaganda without investigating what they are all about. Muslim propaganda cornered a people for 1400 years. It’s completely revolting and has to stop. Muslims are very good at propaganda because their entire culture is about silent hiding; hiding their own activities. The target for their conspiracies doesn’t know much about the enemy and the propaganda becomes very effective and the wrong group becomes the scapegoat. Just look at the complete barbarity in Saudi Arabia. You hear so many rumors but the Saudis keep everything so secret people don’t really want to believe it, and these animals are given trade deals and freedom to travel everywhere as if they are normal and decent to deal with. The consequence is an entire world engage in some war or the other, initiated by Muslims; entire economies dragged down by Muslim exploitations and security budgets, entire societies forced to change everything they fought hard for.

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      • The conclusion that many are reaching is that ideologicide is becoming a possibility although IMO hanging those lunatic leftists responsible (Merkel for a start)would be a good first step. I do believe that when death is the only certain alternative history has proven that islam & muslims become far more accommodating. But that is not good enough as the snake will rise again. Any accommodation has to be permanent and enforced by Islamic law and sharia law need to be heavily pruned permanently and by force if that is what it takes. In my world not ONE aggressive imam or madrassa teacher would be alive in the west or the world for that matter. I find it hard to believe that I was a naïve pacifist as a child and teenager but exposure to islam certainly changed that.


    • Additional benefits – One less Muslim on the planet. And, there’s no inane investigative exercise involving determination of the perpetrator’s “motive.”


      • Luckily it didn’t happen in the UK, Corbyn would be calling for the PC’s head as he believes that there is no need to use fatal force to stop a terrorist with a weapon. Added to that he may even have one of those handy to wear suicide belts. I suggest that Jeremy Corbyn and others of that ilk and opinion should be the first to try and arrest one of these terrorists once the police have wounded the suspect. That should make them change their minds pretty quickly once a few of them have been killed.


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