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France: Muslims firebomb Paris bus shouting Allahu Akbar – Video

WATCH: ‘Muslim teens’ firebomb Paris bus shouting Allahu Akbar


A GANG of young teens have been filmed attacking a bus in Paris with Molotov cocktails while screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

Daily Star
By Tom Evans / Published 3rd August 2016

The teenagers – alleged to be Muslim by the video uploader – descended on the bus and set the whole street alight.

The gang threatened to kill the driver before kicking five other passengers off the vehicle.

But remarkably no-one was injured during the chaos.

Paris bus on fire

BLAZE: Youths torched the Paris bus

Bus fire in Paris
CARNAGE: The state of the bus after the fire

“This act of premeditated vandalism could have been tragic”
Local mayor

The attack – which took place last Wednesday but has only recently emerged after the footage was shared online – happened in the city’s notorious Saint Denis suburb.

The area has been a hotbed for Islamic terrorism over the last 18 months – and was the scene of the coordinated Paris terror attacks in November.

Firefighters had to deploy three water cannons to quell the flames and the metal hull of the bus split in two.

Local mayor Didier Paillard said: “This act of premeditated vandalism could have been tragic.

“It follows an attempted homicide on a worker by a Molotov cocktail on July 22 and buildings being looted.”

An investigation into the attack is currently under way.


4 thoughts on “France: Muslims firebomb Paris bus shouting Allahu Akbar – Video

  1. Appeasers say that Moslem teens roaming the streets of European big cities aren’t real jihadis and more convenient label the gangs with “personality disorder.” Lone wolves or bands of Moslem youth whatever they are labeled without the sinister Islam ideology they wouldn’t be in action.
    Destroying an idea or every Quran in the World is impossible. And as with Nazism and Communism, Islam will always be in the history books.

    But, if criminalized Worldwide, this would exclude tenacious resisting Muslims from society, forcing them to live as animals in caves. Not even their patriarch bin Laden could stand that for very long, hence the 38,000 square-foot walled Abbottabad compound, complete with electricity, plumbing, toilets, TV, and the Internet.

    We’re not required to consider Islam a religion or tolerate it simply because a 7th-century psychopath said so. In fact, Islam is a criminal enterprise, with Sedition and Conspiracy to Murder right at the top of the list.


    • Keep it another plane, please.

      It’s ideological, not racial. Europe is developing enough Goldilocks Warriors of Allah to keep everyone unhappy.


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