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Germany: Palestinian yells ‘Allahu-Akbar’ and tries to behead doctor in NRW

Bing and Google translated from German:



Germany doctor Dr. Attila Tan (54) in his practice was attacked by Palestinian with a knife

Dr. Attila Tan (54) in his practice with a knife, attacked.


Attack on surgeon: “He yelled Allahu Akbar and tried to decapitate me”

By Iris Klingelhöfer,
27.07.16, 06:26

Troisdorf [North Rhine-Westphalia] – After an attack in a doctor’s office, the doctor describes to EXPRESS the horrific attack. The father (45) of the patient (19) had threatened Dr. Attila Tan (54) on Monday with a so-called Rambo knife.

He shouted “Allahu Akbar”

“He yelled Allahu Akbar,” the surgeon said. “Then he wanted to decapitate me!” It was Tan’s first day of work after the holiday.

“The patient came about ten o’clock, he was accompanied by his girlfriend, who was veiled,” he says. “He radiated aggression, which intensified when I treated him.”

Patient with fibula fracture

The patient (19) had a fracture of the fibula. After his release from the hospital in mid-July he had received no further care for the injury. That’s why he came to Dr. Tan with pain and wanted that the doctor to continue the treatment.

“I explained everything to him, and showed exercises he should do”, said the doctor. “But he didn’t listen to me.”


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