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Sweden: Muslim on the loose after shooting spree inside shopping centre

Look at the demographics in the second picture below… The most hostile, aggressive, racist, intolerant and cruel medieval murderers in the world is clearly a majority in this Swedish city. Imported by a political elite that is getting away with staggering misuse of political power, committing leadership crimes destroying entire countries, civilisations, cultures, economies and futures of people.



Gunman on the loose after man is shot in the leg following brawl inside a Swedish shopping centre

  • Gunman is still on the loose after a man was ‘shot in the leg’ in Malmo
  • Shoppers were locked in the centre and not allowed to leave until 5pm
  • The injured man has been taken to hospital, but his condition is unknown


A man was rushed to hospital after he was shot in broad daylight at a busy shopping centre in southern Sweden.

The man was reportedly shot in the left leg at around 4.20pm in Malmo after becoming involved in a brawl inside the Rosengård Centre.

The area was then cordoned off while police tried to piece together the series of events, and track down the gunman.

Police stand guard outside the shopping centre in Malmo, Sweden, where a man was shot in the leg on Tuesday

‘It’s messy in there, but a man is shot – probably in the leg. He is taken to hospital,’ police field officer Lotta Svensson told Sydsvenskan.

Police said they had not identified a suspect or motive in the shooting and had made no arrests.

It is thought the assailant left on foot.

The incident occurred in a mainly immigrant neighbourhood of Sweden’s third largest city.

The area gained notoriety in 2008 after youths clashed with police over the closure of a mosque. The rioters were only brought under control after police from other cities were sent in to calm the situation.

This latest violence, however, comes as Europe has been shaken by a series of violent attacks.

Those inside the centre were initially not allowed to leave the area, as police gathered witness statements

Those inside the centre were initially not allowed to leave the area, as police gathered witness statements.

Over the past 18 months, there have been attacks on civilians in Germany, France and Belgium by men of Middle Eastern or Asian origin.

Many of the attacks were claimed by the Islamic State militant group. But police in Malmo have said they do not yet know the motive behind the shooting.




8 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim on the loose after shooting spree inside shopping centre

  1. Natural ” Shooters Inc ” Systems @ Wisdom :

    If I read virtually the minds & hearts @ I think ISLAMIC Civilization of MUSLIMS Origin were & are bent on destroying @ Shooters Systems Inc : EUROPA ( EX : Britain or Sweden ….N ), like the way western civilization systems of EUROPA or Americas were & are doing for the Middle eastern civilization of ISLAMIC origins of MUSLIMS .

    Note : After respective death systems @ ghosted shooting systems inc @ life business systems @ Livlihood ( EX : 1. Ghosted 2. Spirited 3. Beings Systems ).

    C @!


    • Don’t forget the other problem with all of this which is where people don’t want to get involved. Let me explain.

      Yesterday I was driving and had my elderly parents and my wife in the car, the news came on about the attack on a church in France no other details were given at that time. My first comment was I bet that the attackers are muslims. My parents attitude was it’s none of our business and we shouldn’t get involved. I believe many people have that attitude.

      People are having a major problem understanding that whether we choose to get involved or not muslims will ensure that we are involved, they only have to look at the Middle East, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and many other muslim majority countries.


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