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Germany: Muslim patient shoot doctor dead at Berlin hospital

The “M” word is not mentioned in the article from reports provided to international press since Merkel has gagged both the media and the police, but anti-terrorist police have been seen at the Benjamin Franlkin Campus. That is enough to tell us what has happened. Also, German media has added the shooting of the doctor to the number of Muslim attacks in the country (meaning they know but can’t publish the forbidden M-word) and immediately begun discussing the need to find out who is entering the country and to have better control over illegal weapons.

Look at these inept socialists scratching their small brains in the photo below.



Two shot dead, including doctor, at Berlin hospital

Published July 26, 2016

Police investigate 4th attack in Germany in one week.

A man opened fire Tuesday at a hospital in Berlin, killing a doctor and turning the gun on himself in the latest deadly shooting to rock Germany, investigators said.

Berlin police initially said the doctor had suffered life-threatening injuries, but later said he had died. Police said they were still investigating but there was no indication of a “terrorist background” to the attack.

The shooting unfolded at the mouth, jaw and face surgery unit of the Benjamin-Franklin Hospital in the southwestern district of Steglitz. The gunman was a patient, police told AFP.

Investigators did not name the doctor or the shooter.

The attack occured the same day top security officials in the country called for tougher screening of asylum-seekers. They announced more police officers would be hired following four major attacks in the country in the span of a week — two of them claimed by the extremist Islamic State group.

Horst Seehofer, the governor of Bavaria — where three of last week’s attacks took place — told the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung Tuesday: “We must know who is in our country.”

Thomas Strobl, the interior minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg, where a woman was killed by a Syrian attacker Sunday, also demanded a tougher stance toward asylum-seekers.

“Those who abuse the right to hospitality must go back to their home countries — make no mistake about it,” Strobl told Funke media group.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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11 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim patient shoot doctor dead at Berlin hospital

  1. I’m with you here when it comes to your criticism of Muslim immigration woes, but it’s important to stay objective. Local Berlin newspapers and radio stations have named the perpetrator in this case as a 72-year-old terminally ill German who had had a medical malpractice argument with his doctor (the victim).

    Just a well-intended hint.

    Something else for you though: the same day a Palestine man stormed a doctor’s office in Bonn, West Germany, yelling allahu snackbar and trying to behead a surgeon before the news that police was underway drove him away. He’s in police custody now.–er-schrie-allahu-akbar-und-wollte-mich-enthaupten–24459172


    • A 72-year old cannot be a Muslim? The reason we associated him with Muslim is that the police immediately investigated whether he had ISIS links. Why would they do that with a non-Muslim? And Muslims carry guns all the time in what is suppose to be a gun-free country. In Sweden, for example, Muslims show up regularly with guns at hospitals threatening doctors and staff if they do not manage to cure them.


      • Of course could a 72-year-old be a Muslim and yes, I’m (unfortunately) fully aware of the situation in Europe.
        The perpetrator in concern has been identified by neighbours as one Rainer B., though — a typically German name. Apparently he suffered from a tumor in his jaw and got angry at the surgeon after he had been told the day before that there was no cure.

        Just saying. They lefties will try to exploit every mistake we make.


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  3. “;Those who abuse the right to hospitality must go back to their home countries — make no mistake about it,’ Strobl told Funke media group.” – Wow, I’ll bet that’s really intimidating to male Muslims, especially the suicide bombers.

    ” We must know who is in our country.” – That’s the problem with multiculturalism and its associated policies, there is no more “we”, “our” , “country,” or “them.”

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