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Syrian ‘refugees’ who fled war don’t like safe, quiet Scottish island ‘full of old people’

Not much of ‘refugees’, are they? Real refugees who truly live through real horrors are grateful for a dry cardboard box to sleep in. They don’t complain. As long as the suffering and fear is gone, they are satisfied.



Syrian refugees settled on the remote Scottish island of Bute complain they are now depressed because it’s ‘full of old people and where people come to die’ 

  • Families from wartorn Syria have started their new life in Rothesay on Bute
  • They have been struggling to learn English and feel isolated on the island
  • Refugees praise people of Scotland for helping but are struggling to settle 
  • Abd, 42, said: ‘I am depressed now. I feel like I have one option now – to die here. Only die here, nothing else’
  • Wife Rasha said island ‘full of old people’ and ‘where people come to die’

It was a scheme designed to offer Syrian refugees a new life in Scotland, away from the horrors of their war-ravaged homeland.

But some of the first to be given sanctuary in Rothesay eight months ago have spoken of their unhappiness on Bute, saying it is ‘full of old people’ and a place ‘where people come to die’.

Two of the Syrian families on the island also spoke of their shame at receiving charity, but were quick to praise the people of Scotland and also spoke of their love of the country’s blustery, unpredictable climate.

Struggling to learn English, the fathers of the families – who both used to run businesses – said that most days they stay indoors or take walks on the seafront, feeling isolated.

New life: Rasha, 35, who lives with her husband Abd, 42, who lives with his wife and their four children, said Scotland is beautiful but their island is ‘full of old people’ and described it as ‘where people come to die’

21 thoughts on “Syrian ‘refugees’ who fled war don’t like safe, quiet Scottish island ‘full of old people’

  1. Gratitude is un-Islamic.

    Why would they feel grateful when their clerics tell them they are the rightful owners of everything upon the planet?

    Father John is right. Return in two years and they’ll be in mid-blood bath, killing, raping, plundering. which is the Muslim role established by the Pirate Muhammad.

    Any non-Muslim who endorses “tolerance” is advocating dissolution of civilization itself.

    I want Islam completely removed from the West. And I volunteer to herd them up the gang plank at bayonet point personally. I’m seventy and if I can do it, I don’t want to hear any excuses from cringing candy asses.

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  2. Actually all you people who’re commenting on this story should check the facts. The (journalist) I use the term loosely is a sensationalist liar. The family said nothing like what this fabrication says. They are happy where they are but miss their home, wouldn’t you? Their limited English was taken advantage of by this excuse for a journo and she should be sacked. Unfortunately as most of the so called reporters in our so called newspapers are a bunch of liars I doubt anything will happen to her.

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    • Many people in their lives face adversity. You more than most, but everyone on their own level deals with death and loss. Please be thankful where you are. You know it could be so much worse. Look around, you are where you are suppose to be in life. It is that simple. Look around, ask why you are there and then be thankful that this is what you need to do to advance your life. Be thankful. Think about it.



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  5. These people are 100% right about having been relocated to some godforsaken island. The reason that island is full of old people is that anyone with dreams of a future has left. Yes, yes: plonk them on a crown of a thousand other muslims and you’d see a whole different side to ’em. But you’d have to have a heart of stone not to feel a little sorry for them. Poor bastards! Scotland!


  6. How about a little gratitude and realizing you are not being crucified, butchered, hiden in death rags, have fresh air not rotted by dying murdered and raped babies and take the time to learn the language, share your cooking skills with the inhabitants, helped the elderly and infirm and learn from them and just maybe saying a “thank you” once in a while? They may turn out to be your best friends and have connections where you want to go and be able to help you get there. They did NOT have to take you and you may be more of a pain to them than they will ever be to you. Try gratitude and manners, novel new concept!!

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  7. Muslims are hostile to liberty. They are amicable to authoritarianism, polygamy, supremacism, pedophilia, abuse of women, theocracy, cleptocracy, and the abuse of non Muslims. This describes “moderate” Muslims.

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  8. 6,500 White infidel islanders, apparently many of whom are old, receive 80-100 Muslims consisting of relatively young and growing families. Unemployment is relatively high, so young islanders might tend to move off Bute to find work. Soon, the Muslims will get at least one imam, then a mosque. Islamization of Bute is not that far away.

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  9. All sensible people hope that the exodus from Syria will be reversed, compulsorily, when the anti-Assad rebels are defeated and the country can be rebuilt. People like Hilliary Clinton don’t realise that authoritarian rulers, awful as they can sometimes be, are needed in the Middle East because the people are too violent for democracy to work.

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  10. These people should be resettled closer to their home country. They were in Lebanon for 4 years. That’s where they should have stayed. It has the same language, people, culture and religion. They have nothing in common with Scots. They will be on welfare for decades.


  11. Good use your time to learn to speak English perhaps learn a trade from one of those seniors
    Also learn how to dress no habib or niqab


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