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Shoebat: Munich shooter Ali Sonboly was a pro-Assad Syrian watched by Interpol

The Munich Massacre Is A Complete Coverup. The Munich Shooter’s Facebook Including His Family Background Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey

By Walid Shoebat on July 23, 2016


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Photo caption of Ali Sonboly’s Facebook page created by him with the Turkish flag (update July 23rd 2015) hovering in the background

Ali David Soboly is no Iranian but pro-Turkey Islamist from Syria. That plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched.

First of all. There is only one way to spell Sonboly in the Arabic (سنبلي), but in the English it can be spelled multiple ways (like Sunbulli, Sonboly), yet it is always the same spelling in Arabic: سنبلي

Unless one knows Arabic, they do not know where to look. Examining clan Sonboly and even Sonboly’s own Facebook where the Turkish flag is the main symbol.

Okay, perhaps he had a fetish for the red color and the crescent moon? But his clan also are of Turkish origin living in Syria and Turkey and this same Turkish flag as well as the Syrian flag is the pride of this clan as can be seen from Facebook.

The case for this clan’s love of Turkey’s Erdogan is ironclad. Plus he lived in the Turkish neighborhood.

Why then advertise him as an Iranian which would make him a Shiite Muslim? Is it possible that Germany wants to avoid the repercussion when Germans know that Turks or Syrian refugees who are entering Germany by the droves are the culprits?

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He’s been in Germany for two years is nonsense. He started school at hauptschule in 2011

The clan is from Homs Syria where some are scattered in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Canada. A quick peruse of this clan can show their love for Turkey (here, here this one lives in Chicago, sunni with a Hijab from Homs, Syria, see also here, and here, and here, and here these are anti-Assad pro-Turkey’s brand of Islam.

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And the Arabic version of Sonboly yields the same results. One clan member, Ziyad Sonboly likes sniping and he is clearly Syrian with a Syrian flag.

If Ali Sonboly was Iranian, what then is he doing with the flag of Turkey hovering behind him on his Facebook?

There is also a photo of him being arrested and what few know is the Sonboly was being watched by Interpol. They show you his face as a kid when he is a mature individual as the video also shows.

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In fact, the same city police chief Hubertus Andraes who is giving what the media is feeding on initially shared “the presence of a record by the Interpol”. This information was also confirmed in a local Portuguese newspaper (see above) which Al-Arabiya net confirms.

All this was ignored, changed and swept under the Persian rug later on.

Now this man, we are told, is connected to “far-right terrorist Anders Breivik”? And now, the same Munich chief of police Hubertus Andrae who knew that this man had a rap sheet at the Interpol says the gunman appeared to be just a crazy man “obsessed with shooting rampages”? Was that why he was monitored? What then is an Iranian doing with a Turkish flag and why is all his clan Islamists pro-Turkey Syrians? Was he and three of his victims the sacrificial lambs to gain sympathy for the Turks and is why he swore against the Turks?

And Erdogan is already running with it. Turkey’s Anadulu Agency is already cashing in promoting Erdogan’s agenda:

“Turkey, which has become the target of countless terror attacks and acts of violence for many years, shares the pain of Germany, where our many citizens live.”

“On behalf of myself and my nation, I offer my deepest condolences to you, the friendly German nation and the families of those who lost their lives in this deplorable incident and wish a speedy recovery to all injured”

An excellent trained shooter and then we are told he killed himself. Maybe he did, but as a different brand of Muslim ‘suicide mission’ with a cause that helps Turkey in that it both kills kaffirs and wins for Erdogan’s style of Jihad propaganda (Jihad by the pen as Islam calls it).

By watching the video it is obvious that he went through some training, is it possible that he is a Turkish agent, working in harmony with both Turkey and Germany to make a case for precipitating the flow of refugees into Germany? It looks like Erdogan is going to come out and say that it was his people that were killed in the attack, and thus they need more protections done on the part of both Germany and Turkey? Could it be that Erdogan will use this as a reason to quicken Turkey’s integration into the European Union, under the pretext that Turks should be Europeans and enjoy all of the protections of the EU? Could it be, that Germany, upset at the disintegration if the EU that is transpiring, needs a nation as militarily powerful as Turkey to join the European Union to somehow fortify it from its fragmentation, and to join the universal military force of the EU that Germany is working on creating? None of this would surprise me.

Exactly what are Merkel/Erdogan brewing? A sweet refreshing Ottoman Karroub assal (şerbetçi), German beer or some combination brew that refreshens both sides?


But it is not only Jihad propaganda, it is Erdogan’s cause for pointing at anyone who criticizes him or Turks as “terrorists”. This has been Erdogan’s main calling from Allah for the last few months to give him an excuse, from extraditing Fethullah Gullen from the U.S. to accusing any of his opponents charging them with terrorism. These are the facts, but is anyone listening?



15 thoughts on “Shoebat: Munich shooter Ali Sonboly was a pro-Assad Syrian watched by Interpol

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  2. Actually there we`re 3 shooters, but the fuckin` germanistan police just get loose 2 of them. That lemmings in Germanistan are so clueless of what`s happening in their failed state shithole thanks to Mutti Merkel Mudslims and Co., that it is mind-boggling. They even don`t know that in Germanistan are actually 20 million illegal weapons, and only 1.5 million legal weapons, so do the math.
    You are fucked, plain and simple, you`re just peons or serfs in your own big open air asylum called The Banana Republik of Germanistan 🙂 Ha ha ha, and they still think there is still democracy. You just become a very dangerous failed state even to visit, stupid morons from Pokemon Land 🙂


  3. Please, not you too, you were thought as a reliable credible source now you lost all credibility,
    Shoebat is lying, his whole story is self created.
    1- Ali Daoud Sonboly know since a child at school as Iranian born in Germany.
    18 years ago Merkel wasnt Chancellor to create a guy who will after 18 years go kil people.
    2- There are famous Ali Sonboli in Iran, as weight lifter, you could have simply googled that. Sonboli/Sonbol/Sunbuli is an Iranian name.
    3- The facebook acount that shoeba posted is fake, probably self-created to invent the story, Ali Sonboli had an account without pics later removed by police.
    The whole story is created by Shoebat and makes lose credibility, I seriously advise you to delete this article for your own credibility People arent idiots to be so easily lied to.


    • “Ali Daoud Sonboly know since a child at school as Iranian born in Germany.
      18 years ago Merkel wasnt Chancellor to create a guy who will after 18 years go kil people.”

      What do you mean? We’ve not even mentioned Merkel.


      • There are many Ali Sonboli in Iran , check Facebook with the letter ‘i’ at the end of the name. There is even a town in Iran called Sonboli –> . I just spent 3 hours trying to verify Shoebat and he is off on this one.

        Since if Ali Sonboli was Shia and was getting abused by Suni Turk Muslims in school. He tried to wage jihad on Sunnis , which explains him yelling Allahu Akhbar (since Shia yell that as well as Sunnis).

        Also because he is a Persian , he would consider himself racially superior to ignorant Arabs who were harassing him.

        And finally, Persians (Iranians) are Aryans. Real Aryans. Google it. So this would explain why he saw himself as an Aryan, since he actually was one. However he was waging jihad against Sunnis. So this was a terrorist attack by a Shia Muslim waging jihad against his Sunni opressors , which happens nearly every week in the middle east. And Germany had the privilege of now experiencing it on its own soil.


  4. ” Depressed. lonely, misunderstood teenager”

    Quick….. prepare for another billion shooting sprees…….

    And the real reason? HE WAS A MUSLIM….

    Prepared, drilled, and taught from birth, that it is a Muslim’s right to be a bullying, autocratic, dictatorial menace to society. And if it goes wrong, and you feel unhappy – KILL ANYONE YOU CAN.


    • All Moslems are mentaly sick if they think their prophet is the best example to follow, who plundered, looted and took hostages for ransome


  5. All right, it’s indisputable that this bullied depressed and confused young man may have got that way as a result of parts of the culture of Islam leading other boys to feel the religion justified their bullying him. That’s what’s so objectionable about Islam, it lends itself to justifying any kind of sociopathic bullying impulse a Muslim may come to act on.

    Now, what about the undisputed fact that a jihadist just killed 80 people in Pakistan, and ISIS is boasting to the world about it as I write? Are those lives of less value than the lives of 8 people in Germany? (Of whom a number seem to have been Muslims….)? If I wanted a website that believes lives encased in pale skins are more valuable or worthy of compassion than other lives I could find it. I thought the belief here is that Muslims are victims of Islam, even when they aren’t getting killed or maimed by other Muslims.

    Never mind what part of the blame for the Munich incident rests with Islam or with its practitioners, any energy spent on that question is better spent elsewhere. Like, say, granting martyrdom to their POS “soldiers” BEFORE they kill 80 innocent people.


    • “Pale skins”? Methinks you are a racist. Who said anything about skin colour? This is not a race issue, it an ideological one. And it’s ALWAYS Islam that causes the terrorist killings, isn’t it?


      • Not interested in name-calling. I am saddened by the needless deaths and maimings of human beings anywhere. Islam certainly causes a majority of terrorist killings at present but not all. And regarding “causation,” that issue is much clearer in the Pakistan bombing than in the German incident.


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