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Munich jihad murderer was 18-year-old Iranian Muslim, not ‘right wing extremist’

The media insisted “we must not jump to conclusions” and then jumped to conclusions blaming the German ‘far-right’, Pegida and other innocent Germans to whom jihad is a completely alien celestial reward and who merely oppose to Islamic violence.

But, it was a Muslim after all. This time a Shia Muslim who had lived in Germany only for two years.

The German police have been inept, slow and unprofessional. Completly incapable of managing an attack by a lone 18-year old teen. How will they manage the Middle Eastern grown jihadists? In six hours they couldn’t even establish some form of lead even with witness reports coming forth that he was yelling Allahu-Akhbar. Leaders of civilization have purposely allowed this cancer of humanity to live among us.

One of our readers aptly tweeted: “Western Leftists absolutely heartbroken that #Munich was the work of Islamists and not the ‘right-wing’. They prayed to Allah so hard.”

[From UK’s The Sun] The teenage killer was filmed on the roof of a car park in Munich. This is what he was heard saying…

Balcony man: ‘You f***ing a*****e you…’

Gunman: ‘Because of you I was bullied for 7 years…’

Balcony man: ‘You w****r you. you’re a w****r’

Gunman: ‘…and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you’

Balcony man: ‘A gun! F**k off! Your head should be cut off you a*****e’

An unidentified voice is heard to say: ‘F*****g Turks!’ before the balcony man says ‘f*****g foreigner’

The man filming is then heard to say: “He’s got a gun! He has loaded his gun. Get the cops here. He’s walking around here the w****r.”

The gunman then says “I am German”, to which the man filming replies with “You’re a w****r is what you are. What the f**k are you doing?”

The gunman is then heard to say “I was born here.”

“I grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area.”

He pleads with the onlooker “please shut your mouth.”



Munich shooting: Gunman acted alone, say police

BBC, July 23, 2016

Munich’s Police President Hubertus Andrae confirmed the suspect’s death

A shooting at a Munich shopping centre which left nine people dead was carried out by one gunman who then killed himself, German police have said.

The suspect was an 18-year-old German-Iranian dual national who lived in Munich, police told a news conference, but his motive is unclear.

Sixteen people were injured, three critically, police added.

A huge manhunt was launched following reports that up to three gunmen had been involved in the attack.

The body of the suspect was found about 1km (0.6 miles) from the Olympia shopping centre in the north-western suburb of Moosach.

Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told the news conference early on Saturday that the suspect had not been known to police and there were no known links to terror groups, although investigations were continuing.

The reports of three suspected attackers came when witnesses saw two people leaving the scene in a car “at considerable speed”, but they were later confirmed not to be involved, he added.

“The motive or explanation for this crime is completely unclear,” he said.

Mr Andrae also said that children were among the casualties, but gave no further details.

Stranded tourists near Munich central station. 22 July 2016

Many people, including tourists, were stranded when the city main railway station was closed.

Police protest people evacuated from shopping centre in Munich. 22 July 2016

Armed police escorted people from the shopping centre after the shooting.

Following the attack, the Bavarian capital’s transport system was suspended and the central railway station evacuated. Public transport was reopened several hours later when police gave a cautious “all clear”.

Thousands of people stranded by the emergency and unable to get home were offered shelter by local residents.

First reports of the shooting came in just before 18:00 (16:00 GMT) on Friday. Witnesses said the attacker opened fire on members of the public at a fast-food restaurant in Hanauer Street before moving to the nearby Olympia shopping centre.

A video circulated on social media showed a pistol-wielding man dressed in black walking away from a restaurant while firing on people as they fled.

Police described it as “an acute terror situation” although officials stressed that the motive was as yet unknown.

Witness Luan Zequiri, who was in the shopping centre, told German broadcaster N-TV that the attacker had been wearing military-style boots and a backpack.

“I looked in his direction and he shot two people on the stairs,” he said.

Mr Zequiri said he hid in a shop but when he left he saw bodies of the dead and wounded on the ground.

Munich shopping centre

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, told national TV: “We cannot rule out that it is linked to terrorism but we can’t confirm it either, but we are also investigating in this direction.”

Mrs Merkel is to convene her government’s security cabinet on Saturday.

Police urged the public to avoid speculation on social media and to desist from using photos or video of their deployments online.

German security forces have been on alert since a teenage migrant stabbed and injured five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday, in an attack claimed by so-called Islamic State.

The authorities had warned of the danger of further incidents.

Germany’s allies rallied to give their support following Friday’s attack.

US President Barack Obama said the US would give “all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances”.

French President Francois Hollande offered his “sympathy and support to the German people in this difficult hour”.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he was “shocked and appalled” by the attack.

“We stand ready to assist our friends in Germany,” he added.


10 thoughts on “Munich jihad murderer was 18-year-old Iranian Muslim, not ‘right wing extremist’

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  2. Walid Shoebat says the shooter is a Turk and knowing Arabic makes it easy to find that out. Just repeating what I read.


  3. “Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae told the news conference early on Saturday that the suspect had not been known to police and there were no known links to terror groups.“ – Chief, you’ll probably find a link to the terrorist who started all this – Muhammad the “Prophet.” Shia’s unite with Sunnis in the grand European Jihad, slaughtering the infidels. The two groups will resume their secular internecie battle after they’ve purged Europe of non-Muslms.

    A single shooter with a hand gun, paralyzes a large portion of the city’s transportation system for hours, kills nine people, injures sixteen. How many concealed carry permit holders are there in Munich? How many armed police at any one time, several hundred ? Notice how the police found the shooter’s body after he’d committed suicide.


  4. A foregone conclusion except this lad was Shiia so what’s the difference they are all crazy. As a number of Islamic Dictators have pointed out the only way to rule barbarians is with draconian measures. Thus no Muslims should be allowed outside their own national boundaries. Unfortunately for Muslim women this is their lot unless they can find a suitable mate outside of Islam by escaping the terrors of Islam.

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  5. The Western appeasers /heads of governments are again horrified and send their condolences. but they will never blame Islam, will they? What does it take to wake up to this theocratic mayhem that is taking over the West – fast. Then there will be some boo hooing from the deniers of Islam.

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