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Germany: Muslim witness in Munich, ‘I hear Allahu-Akhbar, Allahu-Akhbar – and I only cry’

The delusional media is already busy speculating how the shooter is a “right wing extremist” merely for no other reason than the shooter screaming he is born in Germany and living in a welfare estate while screaming slurs about Turks.

Talk about generalisation.

A witness – mind you, a Muslim witness – has another opinion.

Not fun to be Muslim in this day and age. Time to abandon the religion and be free.


Munich attack Allahu-Akhbar heard by Muslim witnessMunich-Allahu-akbar



12 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim witness in Munich, ‘I hear Allahu-Akhbar, Allahu-Akhbar – and I only cry’

  1. People, keep your eyes on the prize, these things must happen before the King of kings returns and finds YOU in His Book of Life. (or not? Eternal Life Assurance: Aloud or in your mind only say or think this thought: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.) Now there is only one thing you lack, please come to Apostle Chris of Canada to see what Jesus truly said.


    • Religious bombasts disgust me.

      What makes you think anyone is interested in your competing make-believe?

      The OTHER guys are fakes? You have the skinny? Please!


  2. !!! – It really no longer matters about the nature of “Comments’ simply because readers’ now treat ‘ALL’ comments as a form of entertainment, like reading a ‘Marvel’ Comment, – the initial impact of the ‘horror’ about what is featured, has become inured into the culture, and no longer has any “real” connection to “Reality!’


  3. We never had to worry about terrorism until they were allowed in. Why should one European live in fear or lose his life so that they(muslims) can live our dream (which is not islamic approved).

    They aren’t trying to escape the life they left behind, they’re spreading it.
    This is the classic Trojan horse(muslims running from islam, think about it), Europe must look at the bigger picture. The muslims are the oppressors, the abusers, they have been this way for the past 1400 years, they don’t plan on changing now.

    Deport so that our descendants will have a chance to grow up in a safe environment like the generations before the islamic occupation for which we have been sold out for. Our descendants futures are being stolen before they get a chance to live it.

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    • !!! – “Really not much point if responding to atrocities now being openly portrayed on facebook for the purpose of ‘conditioning’ readers to become inured to ISLAM and its barbaric customs, and disregard for Human life and dignity, – EVEN among and between and within their own culture, including children and Family! The only conclusion to be drawn here, is ‘Western’ cultural societies, are ‘adopting’ and actually supporting the perpetuation of this barbarism, at the expense of their own (what remains) – culture in preference to this ‘New’ brand of Barbaric Savagery!”


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