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Scotland: Sunni Muslim ‘laughed and laughed’ as he killed Ahmadi shopkeeper

The Ahmadiyya movement was founded in Punjab, British India, near the end of the 19th century and separated itself in disagreement with the mainstream Muslim beliefs. It’s a very young movement and originated with the life and teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908), who claimed to have been divinely appointed as the promised Messiah.

The Ahmadi are aligned to Sunni Islam. Ahmadis accept the Quran as their holy text, face the Kaaba during prayer, practice the Sunnah (practices and habits of Muhammad) and accept the authority of Hadiths (reported sayings of and stories about Muhammad). These are the central beliefs constituting Ahmadi Muslim thought. They also accept and believe in prophets of other religions.

Some Ahmadiyya-specific beliefs have been thought of as opposed to contemporary mainstream Islamic thought since the movement’s birth, and some Ahmadis have subsequently faced persecution. Many orthodox Muslims consider the Ahmadiyya either kafirs or heretics. During the second Ahmadi Caliph’s time the main focus changed and missions were established in 46 countries to convert natives, mosques were constructed in many foreign countries and the Quran published in several major languages of the world. Ahmadiyya were “arguably the most influential community in African-American Islam” until the 1950s. Today, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has one of the most active missionary programs in the world. It is particularly large in Africa.

In Bangladesh, conservative Islamic groups have demanded that Ahmadiyyas be “officially” declared to be kafirs (infidels). Ahmadiyyas have become a persecuted group, targeted via protests and acts of violence. In late 2003, several large violent marches, led by Moulana Moahmud Hossain Mumtazi, were directed to occupy an Ahmadiyya mosque. In 2004, all Ahmadiyya publications were banned.

Ahmadis are continuously persecuted in Saudi Arabia. In a 2006–2007 nationwide campaign to track down and deport Ahmadi Muslim foreign workers, the Saudi religious police arrested 56-60[134] Ahmadi Muslims of Indian, Pakistani and Syrian origin from major cities across the country. In May 2012, Saudi authorities arrested two Saudi Sunni Muslim citizens for their conversion to Ahmadiyya Islam. Under Saudi religious law, Ahmadis, along with non-Muslims, are forbidden from entering Mecca, which restricts their ability to perform the mandatory Hajj pilgrimage.

There are hundreds of branches and minority groups like the Ahmadi Muslims in Islam, who oppose each other and quarrel. It makes Islam simply too complex to be a suitable faith to exist side-by-side with other faith’s in the West.



Bradford murderer ‘laughed and laughed’ as shopkeeper took his dying breaths

10 Jul 2016 / Michael Black


THE BROTHER of murdered Asad Shah has told how the killer from Bradford “laughed and laughed” as the shopkeeper took his dying breaths.

Athar Shah also spoke of his frantic fight to try to keep his brother alive after he was brutally attacked in his Glasgow store.

Muslim taxi driver Tanveer Ahmed, from the Toller area of Bradford, last week admitted murdering Mr Shah, who had claimed to be a prophet in messages he posted on social media.

Ahmed, 32, travelled from Bradford to Glasgow and confronted Mr Shah at his store counter before pulling out a knife and stabbing the 40-year-old.

Ahmed, who did not know the shopkeeper, claimed to have been offended by clips Mr Shah posted online which the father-of-three said ”disrespected the Prophet Muhammad”.

Popular businessman Mr Shah, described as a ”pillar of the community”, suffered multiple wounds in the attack at his store in the Shawlands area of the city on March 24.

CCTV footage of the attack showed the moment the shopkeeper’s brother and colleague tried in vain to save his life.

Personal trainer Athar Shah used the only weapon available – an advertising sign in the street outside the shop – in an attempt to rescue his brother.

Recounting the horrific events, he told a Scottish newspaper it was a normal day and he had been with clients in his gym below the shop.

He told the newspaper: “I went up the stairs to go inside the shop and I could see my brother being attacked by this evil monster. They were both standing at the time and he had a knife.”

[Sunni Muslim taxi driver Tanveer Ahmed “laughed and laughed” as the Alawite shopkeeper Athar Shah took his dying breaths.]

[Alawite shopkeeper Athar Shah was stabbed to death after quoting Sufi verses on Facebook.]

He said he managed to hit the attacker with the advertising stand, picked his brother up off the floor and carried him down the road until Ahmed caught up with him a few hundred yards away.

He said: “I had my phone in one hand and I was trying to carry him.

“I lost my brother there. That monster came and jumped on my brother’s face, right there in the street.

“He just moved on to the pavement and laughed while my brother took his last breath. He was laughing. He just laughed and laughed.”

Judge Lady Rae condemned the “despicable” crime after hearing the facts of the case at the High Court in Glasgow.

She told Ahmed: ”There’s no justification whatsoever for what you did.”

Members of Mr Shah’s family, who moved from Pakistan to Scotland in the 1990s to escape persecution, did not attend the court hearing due to fears for their personal safety.

They belong to the Ahmadi sect of Islam whose beliefs differ from the majority of Muslims, prosecutors said.

Ahmed will return to court for sentencing on August 9.

19 thoughts on “Scotland: Sunni Muslim ‘laughed and laughed’ as he killed Ahmadi shopkeeper

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    • You are 100% right. We’re working on another article and mixed them up as we have shortage of time and often post in haste. This unfortunately happens sometimes. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


      • Firstly learn what the Holy Books of each faith teaches. The Bible does not advocate violence. The Koran and Hadiths do. They teach the killing of unbelievers and Christians and Jews. It is a religion which teaches that the only way a Muslim can be sure of entering Jannah is to martyr himself as he murders as many kuffr as possible at the same time.
        Then there is taqiyya in word or deed. I’m sure many Muslims are unaware of what their Holy Books teach, but most do.


    • Not the same deity. Allah is proprietary and Muslims hold the exclusive franchise rights. Just ask them.

      There is a reason atheists are number one upon the hate & hit list. FWIW, get noticed by them, like I was, and you too can get mysterious phone calls (in Arabic, Turkish, or Farsi-who knows) from Fargo, North Dakota. I’m not making this up.

      Home defense anyone? And you can thank the religious organizations who bring these vipers in in a lucrative and semi-secret racket established by the feds and protected by them since the eighties. Soon to be dismantled as a Trump initiative, now that we have three million of the incompatible, homicidal throw-backs.

      I look forward to having zero Islamic presence in the very near future as the entire ideology is recognized as non grata and expelled. And I will gladly wield a bayoneted M14 and urge them up the gangplank of a refitted Liberty Ship for their one-way voyage to Oblivionstan.

      A permanent adios to them all.


      • EU does not permit capital punishment even for treason. All proven cases of murder I believe should be killed. They are dangerous and will always kill apostates given a chance.


    • Still being a member of the EU, capital punishment cannot be considered. He will be sent to prison where he will spend his days proselytising and victimising those who will not convert.
      Many convert because the halal food is better than usual food.
      Thus because capital punishment is not allowed, more terrorists are made to cause more persecution once they are released.
      The world has gone mad. Look at the money which would be saved if these people were executed.


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